1. S

    2023 Market Forecast by SolidECN

    GBPUSD Within Sideways Track The GBPUSD pair fluctuates within sideways track recently as appears on the chart, and the EMA50 continues to press negatively on the price, to keep the correctional bearish trend active, waiting to visit 1.1950 mainly. On the other hand, we should note that...
  2. forexlive101

    Fundamental Analysis

    CHFJPYH4 FORECAST Click on the link below
  3. RF roboforex

    Forex Technical Analysis & Forecast by RoboForex

    The Euro couldn’t keep momentum. Overview for 21.08.2019 EURUSD was moving upwards last night influenced the Italian news, but couldn’t continue the momentum. EURUSD is under slight pressure on Wednesday morning. The current quote for the instrument is 1.1094. The Italian Prime Minister...
  4. RF roboforex

    Forex Technical Analysis & Forecast by RoboForex

    Fibonacci Retracements Analysis 20.08.2019 (EURUSD, USDJPY) EURUSD, “Euro vs US Dollar” As we can see in the H4 chart, EURUSD has reached a very significant correctional level, 76.0% fibo and may continue falling towards the lows at 1.1027. After breaking the low, the price may continue...
  5. L

    Forex Broker Reviews or Foreign Exchange is the decentralized global currency market, which is now one of the most liquid industries in the world. Though currency trading an ancient form of business, online FX industry is comparatively young and it touched 1 trillion USD milestone only 20 years...
  6. momo3HC

    Bitcoin future?

    Hi. Let`s talk about bitcoin and it`s future. What are you thinking?
  7. T

    Tifia Daily Market Analytics

    Hello! There is analytics and trading recommendations from the company Tifia in this thread. And we'll be glad to share our opinion about the Forex market. You are our best motivation for further development. Everything we do, we do it in your interests! Thanks and welcome!
  8. F

    Next candlestick forecast using Machine Learning

    Hi Guys, our team has launched the project predicting the probability in which direction will go the next candlestick using Machine Learning program. We set it up in a way of Agile software development and our MVP (minimal viable product) is predicting direction on EURUSD pair on the D1 chart...
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    FREE - Forex TOP 15 Books Collection – The Holy Grail of Trading - FREE

    FREE - Forex TOP 15 Books Collection – The Holy Grail of Trading - FREE This collection helped me very much. I hope it guides some else. Here is the download link:!2EhF1TSb!ZyBCZVSRnvnj0X4C-j-5BEKIo_JPAakDWKfFl_7qzHo THE BOOKS INCLUDED IN THIS COLLECTION WITH THEIR...
  10. Juhyun Kim

    Economic Newspaper & Technical analysis

    EconoTimes is a fast growing non-partisan source of news and intelligence on global economy and financial markets, providing timely, relevant, and critical insights for market professionals and those who want to make informed investment decisions. EconoTimes:
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    Free Forex Trading Signals Daily

    Welcome All Enthusiastic Forex Traders. We are here at Wetalktrade providing you frequent signals to help you trade better. Daily we are providing nearly 14 signals on major currency pairs . Utilize these free signals effectively!
  12. HiWayFX

    Market news from HiWayFX

    How You Can Profit from Economic Decoupling The largest bond fund in the world, PIMCO, released their cyclical outlook recently, which discusses how the three major global economies of the US, Europe, and Japan, have decoupled. What that means to you as a trader, is that there are more...
  13. michael smith

    GBP/USD Daily Technical Analysis

    11/03/2013 Main scenario of currency pair movement The pair continues its movement within its corridor, Tenkan and Kijun lines are bound above the price, after breaking through the cloud the price has considerably decreased, for today the further movement in the descending trend is expected...
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    Get 1 day of anticipation for the trends.

    During one month you can try for free the 1 day forecast EOD strategy. This is the unique link to try it for free.
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    Signals by

    Hi everybody! We provide free forex buy/sell signal and turnpoint maker, which not only give you a signal but OHLC values, include EUR/USD CAD/USD and so ... Thanks you ! Good Luck !:) Best regards! Hopefully you are starting to get more profit with our signals adn...
  16. F

    EURUSD Forex Forecast (Updated Daily)

    Hello everyone, I will be posting our firm's Daily EURUSD forecast outlooks here. The forecasts are simple and easy to read, giving an overview on how we expect the market to perform that very day. Today we expect the EURUSD to proceed North above the 1.31262 to 1.31606 barrier...