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  1. new digital

    Mathematical FORMULA EA beats warren Buffet

    It only uses maths to make money.It is a profitable EA.
  2. Enivid

    MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal Build 1080

    MetaQuotes has released the new version of its MetaTrader 4 platform - Build 1080. It is already available for download from brokers' servers. Its main goal is fixing the issues that result from the incompatibility of the platform's features (like some expert advisors) with the latest Windows...
  3. Enivid

    MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal Build 1065

    MetaQuotes has just released a new update of its MetaTrader 4 platform - Build 1065. Its main aim is to fix the timeframe switching expert advisors bug once and for all. The update should already be available from your broker's trading server. You can update your MetaTrader 4 to Build 1065...
  4. Yadix Broker

    Yadix - Forex EA Reviews

    Dear members, Yadix is happy to announce that as part of its service to its clients, our Auto-trading team is creating independent reviews of popular EAs trading at Yadix Forex Broker. The aim of the reviews is to allow traders to review EAs that they might be considering to trade with, to...
  5. Enivid

    MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal Build 735

    Update for MetaTrader 4 Build 735 is finally out today. Here is the list of the most important changes: Added Virtual Server. You can now use a built-in feature to store and run your expert advisors and indicators on MetaQuotes' own servers. This service is similar to conventional Forex...
  6. W

    Started site about different EA´s and other Ideas for trading!

    Hey started a own site for expert advisor tests and other trading ideas. Hope you will check it soon and give me some ideas ehich expert advisors i could test at next. The articles are short but informative. So reading will not be boring for you See you soon
  7. fxgermany

    Expert Advisor Discounts

    ABC Forex Robot | 10% | Link | FXGE-NC5H-QAIS CabEX | 10% | Link | 6CDE598F45 Drive Expert Advisors | 10% | FXGE-NQCU-FDIE Drive Gold | 15% | 1 Account | 3 Accounts | B6EA010E3A FE Trend EAs | 10% | Link | n/a Forex Benz | 10% | Link | F4609027F8 Forex Expert Online EAs | 10% |...
  8. J

    How to find the most profitable Expert Advisor?

    The web is now full of commercial expert advisors, most of them are scam, and a very few of them worth its cost! If you need to have one you may get confused as every expert advisor author tells that he owns the best and the only real profitable one in the world, this may be true, but you...
  9. F

    i need this EA

    Hello friends my friend account managed one EA this working fine but no chance to take the ea for me because one fund manager control the system so im searching the mated from athor place help me the EA working very simple averaging formula with multiplay lots,average gap and multiplay...
  10. D

    A new EA review system with backtests and myfxbook live performances

    A new EA review system with backtests and myfxbook live performances A new review and rating system for Forex robots, every reviewed robot has a separate page that contains a brief description, strategy analysis, official website rating, myfxbook verified live performance forward tests, a lot...
  11. J

    The BEST Expert Advisor on the market, WallStreet Expert Advisor

    Hello guys, A friend of mine has recommended this Expert Advisor to me some time ago, there I was not so interested in it, I have tried many free ideas and EAs trying to put my hand on the most beneficial and profitable strategy - a lot of work - I was not excited by any of these...
  12. A

    A new Forex Expert Advisors review and rating system

    I'm recommending a new Forex Advisors rating and review system, you will find the most useful information about the most benefitial Expert Advisors in the Forex market, the data are organized in an easy and clear way, reviews from other testers of each expert advisor are present there live to...
  13. E

    Custom EA Programming | MQL Programming | Forex Signal Website | DLL Protection

    Hello Members, I am John, I represent EA-PROGRAMMERS INC.( We are a group of programmers specialized in Forex market software programming. Our company provide sophisticated automated trading solutions for various platforms as well as website design and...
  14. E

    Best Free Expert Advisor Downloads

    Hello Traders, here is the Best Free Expert Advisor Downloads site! Indicators and Trading systems regards
  15. A

    Forex Expert Advisor and system

    Hello all trader May i introduced The website to collect Expert advisor and forex system in one website to review click here
  16. Enivid

    Automated Trading Championship 2012

    Automated Trading Championship 2012 from MetaQuotes is soon to begin with less than two months left before the end of registration period. Currently, 1539 participants have registered for this contest. Are you going to take part in this year's expert advisors championship?
  17. V - With Years of Experience since 2005 !!!!

    Hello EveryBody here at EarnForex Forums !!!! My Name is Vinay Jacob John from Bangalore City !!!! I have been Trading Forex since the Year 2005 !!!! Please Visit my Website to know How U can Make some Big Bucks by Trading Forex at the Right Websites Mentioned in my Website ...
  18. N

    NoProgra EA Builder - create eas for mt4 in seconds

    NoProgra EA Builder is a visual tool to create eas in natural language (the way we speak) Check this video Tomorrow we are releasing some new features: "we are including plus, minus, times and divide by options which really empower users to go beyond...
  19. Enivid

    How Do You Use MetaTrader 5?

    First usable MetaTrader 5 beta came out back in October 2009, so it will be two years soon. Still almost no Forex brokers offer real accounts in MT5, nevertheless many traders use MetaTrader 5 platform, develop EAs and indicators and discuss it. I use primarily for new Forex systems testing...
  20. Enivid

    Automated Trading Championship 2011

    Registration in ATC2011 ends in 11 days. Currently 1997 traders have already registered for it. Are you going to participate in this expert advisors contest (with $80,000 prize fund) this year? I'm already registered :).