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  1. fxroboreview

    Which is the Best Forex Expert Advisor?

    RoFx Trading System - RoFx claims to require no trading experience at all. Apart from that, there was a wide range of other attractive advantages. This AI-based platform announces quite straightforwardly that no more than every hundredth beginner profits from his or her first trade. Luckily...
  2. fransisjon1234

    200$ deposit profit 78000$ only 4 weeks.

    i find this eas . please use my ib links . Newsfx auto trade FBS real live account
  3. vhagwie

    Ea that trades on a certain weekdays

    Hi, im new to trading. I would like to know if theres an ea or indicator or script that filters the day and time in which my ea trades? For example, i want my ea to trade only mondays to thursday at specific time (07:00 - 18:00 hr) only. So, It will disable my ea if above conditions are not...
  4. Nini88

    My EA Performance on Yadix ECN account

    Hello all, I have developed an EA and have been live for nearly two years with the robot on Yadix Broker, I think so far the EA and the broker is working well :) Mains stats so far: Closed profit: +6,803.44 Total return: +321.1% Peak drawdown: -0.2% Trade win %: 70.1% History: 629 days I'd...
  5. OdysseiaCapital

    We're giving away our live-trading MaoriVibes EA!

    We hope we're posting in the right forum section and not violating any forum policy (you never know these days :) ) Looking out for Survey Volunteers: Qualify and finish our survey about testing prior to trade with real money with EAs (doable in under 3 minutes) and receive a free copy of the...
  6. Afsal

    Universal Indicator EA - Expert Advisor for any indicator

    "Universal Indicator EA" without any restrictions (No Time or Account Type Limit) This EA is made with the concept of using a single expert advisor for all indicators So It can work with any Indicator that gives Buy and Sell Signals. This can work in demo or live account for unlimited period...
  7. DanielMT4

    MQL4 development - EAs / Indicators / Scripts

    Hello! Highly experienced MT4 programmer & Forex trader 10 years of Coding, a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, and full time Freelancing makes me the perfect programmer for your MT4 EAs, Indicators, and Scripts. If you want professional programmer who can deliver thoroughly tested codes...
  8. Patern Trader


    There’s A Simple Secret to Beating The Forex Market And It’s In Plain Sight, Yet 95% Of Traders Miss It Over And Over… What if you could take this exact secret and kick out up to 82% profit every 3 - 4 months like clockwork? WEBSITE HERE Verified Proof: MYFXBOOK One of my live trading...
  9. momo3HC

    Which is the best EA bot that you ever used?

    Hi fellas. I want to know which is the best EA bot that you ever used? Thank you in advance.
  10. forex in world

    Fibonacci Retracements expert advisor, Learn Secrets About

    Fibonacci Retracements are boosters utilized to recognize change degrees. These ratios are found from the Fibonacci sequence. The absolute most widely used Fibonacci Retracements are 61.8% and 38.2%. Be aware that 38.2% is commonly rounded to 38% and 61.8 is curved to 62 %. Once an advance...
  11. A

    Risk Management checker EA

    Hi, I post here a small EA I made for my own use but that I think can have use for other traders. This EA is meant to remind you and help you keep your risk limits as well of stay outside of certain market conditions (News, weekends) Feedback and suggestions are appreciated. Also if anyone...
  12. S

    More than 100% profit with Low Deposit only in few months

    Hello, I think this is profitable robot with very impressive reports. That i want to share it here. It works fine with M5 time frame in MT5 and MT4. It is profitable without any input . It works only on AUDUSD NZDUSD USDCAD USDCHF.
  13. K

    Ordersend error 131 EA

    Hello everyone . Now that I'm having an orderen 131 error, I try to fix "lots" but still have an error, can anyone help me? Thank you
  14. kim Larsen

    Coding help needed

    I have a consept that I would need some help with. I have been testing a few dashboard EA that use currency strength as basis for opening positions. What I find is that it is working good when trend is strong, but in ranging marked it ends up opening sell positions and the bottom and buy at the...
  15. Tiengrt

    Strategy] Pinbar in good position (follow trend)- need to code indicator (EA)

    As you know that pinbar is oneof the strongest powerful pattern in trading especially if its followed by trend. The strategy for scalping is very simple. 1. Trend is determined by EMA(21) [blue line] and SMA(50) [red line] +if EMA(21)>SMA(50)-->up trend +if EMA(21)<SMA(50)-->down trend. 2...
  16. new digital

    Expert Advisor – Bollinger Bands Breakout 1.0 I learnt something from this EA. nice system with source codes mql4 expert advisor system ENTRY BUY: The price breaks above the top bollinger band ENTRY SELL: The price breaks below the low bollinger band EXIT: Fixed take...
  17. new digital

    Free Trade manager EA expert advisor with source codes + 3 moving averages

    Here I made it PROPERTY OF extern int TakeProfit=160;// TAKE PROFIT extern int StopLoss=80;//STOP LOSS extern int FastMA=5; extern int SlowMA=20; extern int SlowMA2=120; I can be used as trade manager Can anybody add all...
  18. new digital

    professional coder profitable EA FREE

    This guy has left a free professional standard Expert advisor on mql5 site .Ged it before the scammers delete it. It is profitable , if you know how to play with settings.See image Link to download
  19. FXSeed

    FXSeed Expert Advisor (for Strategy Tester and Demo Account)

    Hello Sir I just finished coding my Expert Advisor and will be pleased if you test it and review. The link to download the EA is I will be open to license a copy to you for free if you are interested in the EA after testing. The version in the download works in...
  20. kim Larsen

    Help to code EURJPY round number EA

    Hi, I would like some help do code the following EA. I have noticed that EJ often bounce or get rejected at the 100 round numbers (136,135 etc) So what I would like is an EA that place a Sell limit at the upper round number and a Buy limit at the low. The orders should be created when price...