1. ForexSQ - EURO Allow for a slide back to 1.3500/1.3346 Vs U.S Dollar

    The Euro has rallied steadily during the last two weeks, to reach levels right below the 61.8 retracement of the November-January downtrend, at 1.3739, where, according to Karen Jones, technical analyst at Commerzbank, some profit-taking is expected...Full Story at...
  2. L

    Eur/USD signals

    It's a mixed day for the pair and also have some important news releases slated for the day. Watch out and proceed with caution. Buy on a dip to the 1.3620 level for 80 pips. Sell from a pullback around 1.3730 (aggressive) or 1.3790 for 60-80 pips. You can set a SL of 40 in all cases...
  3. F

    Forex Watchers EURUSD Forecast (Updated Daily)

    Hello everyone, We are back and today we expect the EURUSD to head North between the 1.28830 and 1.29125 barrier area. Here is a Visual of our Forecast for January 11, 2011 Note that all analysis are personally edited and approved by Forex Analyst Navin Prithyani.
  4. W

    Where The EUR/USD Goes Today

    An early attempt by the USD to push higher failed to gather much traction as the European session got underway. EUR/USD failed to sustain a dip below USD1.4500 despite a EUR negative FT report that Portugal faces the risk of a downgrade. While USD/JPY remains off its overnight lows it continues...
  5. Enivid

    What Currency Pairs You Prefer to Trade?

    What currency pairs are your favorites when you trade on Forex? I prefer EUR/USD and GBP/JPY. The first is very popular and thus quite predictable, while GBP/JPY has a very high intraday volatility, which allows earning more pips.