1. C

    MT4 Strategy Tester Customize Report

    Hi all, Ive have some purchased EAs in MT4 and would like to know whether there is a possibility to customize the backtest report to add a couple extra performance indicators. I'd like to add maximum equity drawdown and recovery factor. Is this possible, I have no programming knowledge. Thanks
  2. Walid Salah Eldin

    8th June 2021 – Fed’s step forward, Fed’s step back

    8th June 2021 – Fed’s step forward, Fed’s step back Fed - Labor - Inflation - Fed The Fed’s still stray between curbing the prices and the labor market needs for cheap money. We have seen the May US labor report showing adding of only 559k out of the farming sector, with average earning...
  3. Enivid

    Account Protector

    Discuss Account Protector expert advisor here. This EA lets you control your orders and positions with a chart panel. You can ask any questions about this MetaTrader tool here. Installation and basic use tutorial:
  4. T

    Margin Call

    Hi every body I’m not a pro forex trader, I want to know what margin call level is? Why different account type has got different margin call level? Is it better that our account has a higher level or lower? Would you please help me? Thanks.