1. The Hulk

    Indicator filter combination EMA and RSI

    Please! Help me add EMA condition to this RSI alarm Eg: Buy only when price is above EMA Sell only when price is below EMA Thanks a lot !!!
  2. kris82wt

    MACDPredicter - Indicator mod - help needed

    Hi guys, I need your help with the indicator. On some broker platforms it works fine, but on some gives different results. I don't know if it's because different time zone, or something else (I don't refer to difference with trading weekends for crypto). I will be very greatful if somebody...
  3. JoshetRtg

    Script for semi-automated trading (Indicator actually)

    Hi, I have been fan of this site since I began trading, I now have developed an strategy, ready to forward test after lot of backrest, but I want someone to help me with a script for MT4, or maybe a guide, tutorial about how to do it, cause I couldn't find how to do it, it's a complex one, I...
  4. Tiengrt

    Strategy] Pinbar in good position (follow trend)- need to code indicator (EA)

    As you know that pinbar is oneof the strongest powerful pattern in trading especially if its followed by trend. The strategy for scalping is very simple. 1. Trend is determined by EMA(21) [blue line] and SMA(50) [red line] +if EMA(21)>SMA(50)-->up trend +if EMA(21)<SMA(50)-->down trend. 2...
  5. L

    Which settings would you suggest to me for SMA and EMA?

    Which setting would you suggest to me for SMA and EMA when day trading (Forex, commodities) I just want somenthing that could scream out false signals... With which Tecnical indicator would I use SMA and EMA ? And which settings for EMA and which for SMA? Thank you...
  6. Mr Steve

    Can Anyone help me Code my trading Strategy to an EA

    Hello Everyone, I have a trading strategy which have been profitable for a long time now, and I wish to automate it,.. Pls anyone wish to help?