Strategy] Pinbar in good position (follow trend)- need to code indicator (EA)


Aug 25, 2018
As you know that pinbar is oneof the strongest powerful pattern in trading especially if its followed by trend.

The strategy for scalping is very simple.

1. Trend is determined by EMA(21) [blue line] and SMA(50) [red line]

+if EMA(21)>SMA(50)-->up trend

+if EMA(21)<SMA(50)-->down trend.

2. Use pinbar

+ if uptrend: the lowest of pinbar<EMA and the close of pinbar>EMA--> good pinbar--> buy or notify buy

+If downtrend: the highest of pinbar>EMA and the close of pinbar<EMA--> good pinbar--> sell or notify sell

So, we have 3 standards for place order: Trend+pinbar+goodcondition

3. Pinbar Recouses

Attachment is pinbar im using for pinbar detector (I modify pinbar in order to notice to phone).

Here is orgin

4. My wish

You, my friends, may you help me code this strategy into an indicator with all of imput of "Pinbar dectector" then notice to me once it gets standards of Trend+pinbar+good condition.

or 1 EA help to scan all of pinbar with condition 2. (imput more which pair needed to be scanned).

Message to phone once 3 standards reach: "Symbol + Timeframe+ bullish pinbar/bearish pinbar+ good to buy/sell"

Fore xample: EURUSD M15- bullish pinbar good to buy.