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  1. B

    Demo vs Live Accounts Slippage and Spreads

    Hi all, Is it safe to assume that all brokers who have a demo account, the demo account matches the live account's slippage and spreads? When asking some of them directly, they said yes ... but want to get the take from the fellow community here :-) Thank you!
  2. CashBackForex

    Forex Demo Account Trading Contest: $10,000 CASH Prizes!

    The Excel Markets trading contest offers $10,000 USD in CASH prizes and utilizes demo accounts so it is risk free. Forex Razor will be hosting it's second trading competition beginning April 15, the same day the March contest ends. This time the ante is even larger, sponsored once again by...
  3. S

    Forex Signal Providers - HyprTrade

    What Is HyprTrade? Hyprtrade is a unique web based online service which allows you to automatically follow expert Forex Signal providers from all over the world. You have the option to do completely automated forex trading or manual execution. The profiles and performances of expert advisors...
  4. O

    Demo Account or Live Account? Any Comments?

    Hi Guys, Does anyone have comments or suggestion which one could attract most for new traders? Would it be a Demo Account or Live Account?