Forex Demo Account Trading Contest: $10,000 CASH Prizes!


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Apr 19, 2012
Cork, Ireland
The Excel Markets trading contest offers $10,000 USD in CASH prizes and utilizes demo accounts so it is risk free.

Forex Razor will be hosting it's second trading competition beginning April 15, the same day the March contest ends. This time the ante is even larger, sponsored once again by the prize pool for April's trading contest has grown from $5500 to $10,000 USD Cash! First place walks away with a whopping $5000, second with $2000, third with $1000, and 4th and 5th both get $500 with the remaining 5 places getting $200 each.

Also, the rules have changed a little for this contest, as there will be 1:400 leverage, $100,000 fake money accounts, and up to 60% peak-to-valley equity drawdown will be allowed before a contestant is disqualified.

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