day trading

  1. Cashcube

    LiteFinance - ECN Forex Account for Professionals! Floating Spread from 0.0 points | Islamic Account | Social Trading | High Leverage

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  2. Enivid

    Day Trading, Investing, and Gambling: Differences and Similarities

    The following post is a paid advertisement. The content was provided by the advertiser. Day trading, gambling, and investing: three terms that sometimes become meshed together. And with the rise of each one of them, people may confuse one with another. Yet, what are the differences? Could...
  3. ForexIdentity

    Forex challenge starting with 4 EUR

    Hello traders and traders to be, In my trading journey I have motivated and helped traders to be part of the succes story of forex. One thing I noticed is the fear of not having enough money to start a forex business. With my youtube channel I will proof to all of you a few euro’s, usd's or...
  4. D

    There's a new way to automate your trading strategy code-free! Join the revolution

    Hi, Capitalise is a new revolutionary trading platform that let’s you automate your tradings using natural language. Capitalise then monitors the market and execute your orders automatically! Yes - this life changing platform sets you free from the anxious waiting for the right moment to...
  5. S

    Day Traders Chat Room

    Hello, Anyone interested to join day traders chat room? Join here
  6. AlexTop

    Day Trading Success

    Day Trading Success – You are about to learn day trading ‘cashflow’ secrets that most other day traders don’t know exist! Click here to learn more about Day Trading Success. Visit Website Now!
  7. T

    4 Weeks - Trading result

  8. T

    3 Weeks - Trading Result

  9. xProphet

    Critique My Trading Plan

    Do you think this trading plan is achievable, overly ambitious.. or see any problems with my plan in general? (Who better then a room full of traders to critique a trading plan?) I think I've covered all my bases.. I genuinely appreciate any comments. I'm intentionally placing my plan...
  10. A

    Unbelievable return on investment for $50/m

    As fxsignals we are proud to announce unbelievable return on february. %1605 return on investment only in February only in 14 days! You can view our trades live on myfxbook. Here you can find our detailed statement of our broker clicking this link. All you have to do is to join and be...
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    Dig your goldmine now and get your cash

    "With TradeMiner, you can get way Above Average Market Returns with Significantly Lower Average Risk by only taking the Highst Portability Trades!" Don't waist your time and get the Mony now!!!!
  12. W

    Is it wise to invest in housing stocks?

    As we see this year every month some banks getting failed and there is amid mounting losses linked to rising unemployment and the slumping housing market. Is it safe to invest in stocks while these recessions are still going on, If "Yes" what are the primary precautions should be taken these...