1. ClickAlgo Team

    Bitcoin Trading With cTrader

    The good news is that Bitcoin is gaining popularity amongst the cTrader brokers, already IC Markets and Pepperstone are offering Bitcoin trading against the dollar. Automated Trading Robots for Bitcoin Running an automated trading robot that will manage your Bitcoin trading is becoming very...
  2. ClickAlgo Team

    VPS Server for cTrader, cAlgo - Free Sotfware

    We offer custom built Virtual Private Servers (VPS) for the cTrader trading platform tailored to your specific broker together with over £200.00 of free trading software including an automated trading robot (cBot) CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE HOSTING OFFER Switchback Automated...
  3. Enivid

    News Trader

    Discuss News Trader expert advisor here. News Trader is a simple EA to help traders automate their news trading opportunities. News Trader is available for MT4, MT5, and cTrader. You can ask any questions about this expert advisor here.
  4. ClickAlgo Team

    Swing Trading using the cTrader Trading Platform

    Watch the video below or click on the link to find out how to swing Trade using the cTrader Trading platform. Read our Blog Article Highest High = Two bars to the left and two bars to the right are lower than the Highest High. Lowest Low = two bars to the left and two bars to the right...
  5. ClickAlgo Team

    ClickAlgo (Software Development) - cTrader

    ClickAlgo.com was launched in 2015 with a vision to be the No.1 FinTech company specialising in the cTrader trading platform, we have a team of dedicated software developers creating automated strategies, indicators and bespoke applications for our customers. Another area where we have been...
  6. Enivid

    cTrader Version 2.01.65534

    cTrader platform has been updated to version 2.01.65534. The new version adds just one feature - native stop-limit orders. A stop-limit order is a kind of a pending order that first triggers at the stop price and then uses limit range to execute at the price not worse than that range defines...
  7. Enivid

    cTrader Version 2.01

    Spotware has updated its cTrader platform to version 2.01. The new version adds two important features: You can now customize which actions happen on a click, double-click, and drag-and-drop of a symbol in the Market Watch subwindow. All elements of Symbol Panel and Symbol Window now can be...
  8. Enivid

    Traders Dynamic Index

    Discuss Traders Dynamic Index indicator (trend direction, strength and volatility) in this thread. You can ask any questions about this indicator here.