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  1. A

    Copy Trading

    A friend of mine asked me for copy trading, what is your idea? I know that one issue is the risk of blindly copying other traders without fully understanding their trading strategy or risk management approach. Even experienced traders can experience losses, and copying their trades can lead to...
  2. trandinvest

    [signal][copyfx] TrendInvestSignal - Average risk

    Hello readers and guests of the forum, I want to introduce you to my account, which is available for copying from the Roboforex broker, in this topic I will publish reports at the end of each week. Copyfx signal: TrendInvestSignal - Average risk Launch date: 15.07.20 Link...
  3. forexpointer

    Suggestion on Best MT4 Copy Trading Provider?

    Hi, We have been looking for best and reliable trade copier provider to connect our subscribers with our MetaTrader. We provide signals but our subscribers are also looking for the trade copying solution so they don’t have to do stuffs manually by themselves. It is also good for them when they...