1. faustf

    mql4 to mql5 help

    Hi guys i try to convert this function in mql5 someone can help me ? I don't know which way to go again string MouseState() { string res; res += "\nML: " + (((state & MOUSE_BUTTON_LEFT) == MOUSE_BUTTON_LEFT) ? "DN" : "UP"); // mouse left res += "\nMR: " + (((state &...
  2. Robin888


    有人把MT4指标转换为MT5指标吗? 1713759315 请求大佬能帮我把这两个指标改为适用MT5,拜托了,谢谢
  3. hayseed

    learning mql5

    learning and converting mq5..... here's a good article from sergey pavlov on conversion...... migrating from mq4 to mq5...... it took me a hour just to figure out how to code hour in my alarm indicator..... seems appropriate...... will give explanations, reasons and charts as they are...
  4. Jajaofopobo


    I attempted to convert an MT4 multi-timeframe fractal indicator to MT5 but encountered difficulties due to the differences in syntax, particularly with the absence of barshift in MQL5. I'm not acoder, I would greatly appreciate any assistance in implementing the iFractals coding (copy buffer...
  5. shanmugapradeep

    Should i upgrade my EA to MT5

    Hello, I have an EA for MT4. Is there any advantage in algo trading with MetaTrader 5 instead of MetaTrader 4? Based on your advice, I will decide whether to convert my EA from MT4 to MT5. If there is no significant difference between MT4 and MT5, I will continue with MT4.
  6. AbdelhadiElaz

    Сonvert TradingView indicators to MT5

    Hello, I need someone to convert the SMC and MasterPattren indicators from to MT5 version it's toke from tradingview. Please find the attached and see if it can be done. Thank a lot Greaters.
  7. s90232003

    Konkistadorr Empty EA for Binary Option test - Converted from MT4 to MT5

    Please help convert this EA from MT4 to MT5 Thank you very much!
  8. I

    AgimatFX2020 / HalfTrend Converted from MT4 to MT5

    hi admin i have added the mql4 of the indicator please may u convert to mt5 ....thanks
  9. L

    DT ZigZag Lauer MT4 to MT5 Conversion

    hello guys i have a mt4 indicator that i use alot, i would like to convert it to mt5 .thank you in advance.
  10. C

    Trader Deam Modified V2

    Hi Enivid, could you help convert this MT4 indicator source code to MT5 please? Others will benefit from this too if they want to use it. thank you
  11. J

    Convert MT4 indicator to MT5

    Hi all! I just moved from mt4 to mt5. However, I am facing a challenge in that I cannot find some of the most useful indicators I was using on mt4. If anyone can help me in knowing how to convert them or just convert them for free, I'd really appreciate! These are wonderful indis, especially...
  12. M

    Hidden Gap Volume Indicator MT4 to MT5 convert

    Hello, I need someone to convert the Hidden Gap Indicator by Chief1Oar (name on Forex Factory) from current version MT4 to MT5 and maybe i would see a different copy with tick volume probably it may make difference here is a link and his mq4 copy on it, plus it has some instruction if...
  13. MrVolume

    Best Indicator Ever "The Holy Grail" Need Evolving

    This is my best indicator. So far so good with no loss (100% profit) and just only 14% drawn down plus 30% gain in one month. One important thing again is, it just use really small deposit load about 2% to gain profit. but It need evolving it to MT5, any help will be greatly appreciate. Thank you.
  14. M


    This indicator is Oscilator type indicator...I have it all the time on chart. There are two files needed for MT4 in Experts=>indicators folder...Only MA_of_RSX with alert goes to the chart...(for clarity, bulish-bearish colors I set to none). I need MT5 version, please. Thank you