1. Jixo man

    Need favour understanding how to loop through candles - how cycles work in MQL4

    Good morning mql4 programers . Please I have read mql4 documentation on custom indicator and the use conditional operator: "for".... I understand that , we initialise the counter and if a condition is true a set of code is run. But I don't still don't understand. Please help.
  2. A

    Expert Advisor Shows Error!

    Greetings to all! Lately I've been trying to create an Expert Advisor for myself. However while coding for the same; I've been receiving errors which i have failed to understand and rectify as i lack expertise in the language .I've attached the screenshots for the same below.Although I...
  3. W

    small problem with computing daily movement (divide problem)

    Hi folks, I have a small but really frustrating problem with dividing. The Indi has many-many arrays and works well, but now I wanted to change the base of the arrays. The old one was the RSI, now i want to change into Daily % change ( or candle, because I want to see it on every TF). So, I...
  4. J

    Looking for a CTrader/CAlgo coder in Johannesburg, South Africa

    Hi guys, As you can tell I'm new to the forum. I am looking for someone with extensive knowledge in CTrader/CAlgo who also trades themselves and uses their own CBots so they have a good understanding of the markets and my coding requirements. This person needs to be in the Johannesburg...

    I need a programmer.

    I have an indicator with no alert. I need a programmer that can help me make sure it gives alert whenever the color changes.
  6. R

    Forex VPS Cloud - EA Coding Service

    Today Forex VPS Cloud are proud to present our new Service called "EA Coding". If you are interest in getting your rules and strategy in an EA contact us through asking for a quote! Hope that help you!