1. TomDominic


    how can i remove this warnings,,,,, return value of orderclose should be checked, also for orderdelete and orderselect. Also,,,,this Expression has no effect....i have three of this....please help me here
  2. Enivid

    Position Sizer

    Discuss the Position Sizer expert advisor here. This EA lets you calculate optimal position size and execute trades based on these calculations. Based on Position Size Calculator, it allows some additional control over the trades it opens. You can ask any questions about this free MetaTrader...
  3. ezraluandre

    How to code multi timeframe analysis

    Hi I try to build EA that using multi timeframe analysis. Let's say I want to use MA as trend and stochastic as entry. Let's say I want to use MA in higher timeframe, to do that I will code like this, If(iClose(Symbol(),PERIOD_H1,0) >iMA(Symbol(),PERIOD_H1,200,0,MODE_EMA,PRICE_CLOSE,0) for...
  4. Black Art

    Close position with define lot - script

    Hello ! This is my first post here, so first of all I would like to say a big HELLO to all of you ! I wish profitable trades to everyone !!! So what brings me here today ? I'm looking for a script where you can choose X lot of the position size to close out. For example: If I have a 0.10 lot...
  5. simongoo

    Help EA

    Please can someone help me make an EA that uses a custom indicator which is .ex4, the EA uses an arrow indicator that means an indicator that only show arrow for buy and sell so this EA will have a field which I will input the indicator name and it will have a field where I will input the...
  6. P

    Guppy with alerts

    I tried to compile the code below with MT4 but gave some errors. Could anyone please help to debug and make it to work on MT4. The purpose of the code is to give alerts when the moving averages constrict. thanks potus123 //Adapted from version created By ChrisMoody on 8/10/2014 //Daryl Guppy...
  7. Pipscraper

    New here. Looking to learn how to create EA's.

    I have some simple methods that are profitable but require constant screen time. I would love some guidance as to where to start learning how to write code for EA's to run in MT4. Any feedback would be welcome.
  8. J

    MT5 Close All function

    Do you have a better close all function for MT5? The following function fail to close everything. It was executed in the expert but at the journal, shows that 2 positions does not exist. I have 4 opened trades and it only closes 2. void CloseAll3() { for (int i=PositionsTotal()-1;i>=0...
  9. J

    Сonvert MT4 indicator to MT5

    Hi all! I just moved from mt4 to mt5. However, I am facing a challenge in that I cannot find some of the most useful indicators I was using on mt4. If anyone can help me in knowing how to convert them or just convert them for free, I'd really appreciate! These are wonderful indis, especially...
  10. AlexTop

    Binary Profit Code

    Binary Profit Code – Discover how to make 2500% profit in less than a week trading binary options! With Binary Profit Code you can make between $100 and $900 per day. - You don’t need ANY trading experience… - You don’t need to learn any complex trading theories…. - and you don’t need to...
  11. Enivid

    Highliting MQL4 and MQL5 Code

    Dear Forum users! I am glad to announce that Forum now fully supports MQL4 and MQL5 highlighting. If you insert a peace of code, be it indicator, expert advisor, script or something else, written in MQL4 or MQL5, you can now highlight with a simple highlight tag. For MQL4: For...
  12. D

    OpenEA - Open Expert Advisor

    OpenEA - is a open source forex robot project. We developed EAs, Scripts, Indicators and templates to help you make some pips. Looking for volunteers to help us in this project. Want to create a package of excellent open source EAs. Volunteers can help create the code, translating the...