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    Free Forex Trading Signals & Free Trading Tips - CSFX Analytics

    Free Forex Trading Signals for 24 January 2022 NZD/CAD SELL = 0.8430 TARGET= 0.8421 SL= 0.8438
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    What happens during a Recession?

    Many fear recession but what does it mean? How does it affect the market? It is a significant decline or a halt in the growth of the economy that lasts for six to 18 months. Traders and investor associate this term with what happened during the last decade. The last worldwide recession caused...
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    Important Gold Trading Tips for Beginners

    Gold is a popular choice for traders. Once you figure out how to trade this precious metal, it can be a valuable asset for consistent profit. This precious metal has a lot of advantage and many investors diversify their portfolio with it. This commodity protects a diversified portfolio from big...
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    Important Guide About the U.S. Federal Reserve

    Many people know that each country’s economy has a government body that acts as its guardian. This body is responsible for implementing policies that are designed to keep its country’s economy to operate smoothly. In the United States, the government body responsible for implementing such...
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    Important Guide About Oil Trading

    One of the best commodities to trade in the market is the crude oil. It belongs to a very active market and it is popular among traders and investors. News about this commodity is abundant and it causes the oil price movements every day. Thus, it showcases many trading opportunities for...
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    Factors That Affect Forex

    The forex market is a worldwide community. Every day, millions upon millions of buyers and sellers participate in trading various currencies. It is noticeable that forex (foreign exchange) is a global activity. It is a transaction or an agreement to exchange a specific country’s currency for...
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    Forex Trading Myths and Misconceptions

    The world of forex is swirling with myths and misconceptions. It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur or an experienced trader. These forex trading myths often affect how traders decide their transactions. It is very important to know these various myths and misconceptions. Having knowledge...
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    U.S. Dollar’s effect on Commodities

    Beginners in trading, often ask why the U.S. dollar affects the price of many commodities in the market. To answer this question, it is important to understand first what a reserve currency is. Reserve currencies are currencies that are stored by Central banks and major financial institutions...
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    Trading indicators: Fundamental or Technical Analysis?

    One of the key indicators for a successful Forex trade is by correctly predicting the upcoming price movement of a market. There are various strategies that are used when trading. Some traders follow patterns and some follow the various news to guide them in their decision-making. But these...
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    What is Forex ?

    One of the most intriguing markets in the world right now is the Foreign Exchange Market. What people popularly call fx trading, currency trading or forex exchange happens in this market. In the most simple explanation, the foreign exchange market is where currencies are traded. It is currently...
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    CFD Trading Benefits

    Contracts for Difference (CFD) are attractive trading instruments to many traders. This financial derivative has numerous benefits that draw the attention of amateur and expert traders. CFD trading is very flexible and an efficient alternative to traditional investing. Here is a list of reasons...
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    An In-depth Comparison of Technical and Fundamental Analysis Based on their Practices.

    Technical and Fundamental analysis are the two most commonly used tools in determining whether an investment is potentially attractive or not. One of the greatest misconceptions about Technical and Fundamental Analysis is the notion of the idea that one is better than the other. This is...