1. L

    How do you detect order flow trading?

    I have red about order flow trading. To summarize: Institutions with big money can't place all their orders once, they would unbalance the market. So they seek for liquidity points, such as stop losses or take profits in that way they let stop loss trigger moving the market trought them. My...
  2. K

    advice to learn trading forex

    hello im new here and also new on forex trading iwant to do my first step its to learn trading forex so guys pleas recommend me best courses and the best youtube chanel that i can learn from and ebooks comment with your best courses+youtube +ebooks to learn from thankss
  3. Paul Hayes

    The Most Amazing Books for Day Trading

    Day trading is not gambling. It is not a hobby. You must approach day trading very, very seriously. As such, I wake up early, go for a run, take a shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, and fire up my trading station before the markets open in New York. I am awake. I am alert. I am motivated when I...
  4. Enivid

    MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal Build 645

    A major update for MetaTrader 4 has been released yesterday. It is build 645 and it adds some interesting new features to the platform: New search form to find everything inside the terminal - from indicators to signals. Added Books category to Markets. MQL4 applications can now send...
  5. Enivid

    MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal Build 918

    The latest build released by MetaQuotes yesterday adds books to the MQL5 market and fixes some bugs in the platform. Here is a short list of changes: It is now possible to buy Forex books directly from MT5 platform and read them with MQL Viewer. Fixed a Fibonacci Fan display bug. Fixed...