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Discussion in 'Newbie Questions' started by kribis, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. kribis

    kribis Newbie

    im new here and also new on forex trading
    iwant to do my first step its to learn trading forex
    so guys pleas recommend me best courses and the best youtube chanel that i can learn from and ebooks
    comment with your best courses+youtube +ebooks to learn from
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  2. Rayford Adam

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  3. Enivid

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  4. Rayford Adam

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  5. profitwithpips

    profitwithpips Trader

    yes I agree with the above replies...surround yourself with anything Fx until you understand the language read blogs, and literature forex related I'd start with currency trading for Dummies, is a great resource as well. akil stokes on Youtube is pretty good. also check you forex podcasts. Good luck this is a very rewarding business.
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  6. Thanks for the links above! It is really helpful for me!
  7. Mauk

    Mauk Trader

    Kribis, have you actually started to applying what you studied on various forums. Lot of people just take some notes and simply do not take any actions after that. So like full year passed and I want to know how things are going. Please let me know.
  8. Helloyees

    Helloyees Trader

    Welcome to the forex trading community. If you need advice on forex trading, then you are at the best place. There are lots of threads here that will answer almost all your questions. You can also post a question if any. Besides there is free online education on forex trading for your use
  9. Kennyrice

    Kennyrice Trader

    Search in google I hope you get better tips for starting forex as a newbie.
  10. walpants

    walpants Newbie

    i would be interested to know how you have gotten on with your trading? did you take any of the advice above? can you recommend any of the sites or book that were suggested?
  11. TracyMorninge

    TracyMorninge Trader

    First, you need to forget about ‘looking for the answer’ or searching for some guru that will hold your nappy while you poo. You, and only you, are responsible for your actions. You need to make your own answer and hold your own nappy. Simple - but hard for those who cannot let go of the training wheels or even see that they are doing this.
    This mindset has to be done before you begin to progress at all.

    Next - and you’ve read it a hundred times before. Create a strategy and STICK WITH IT. This means create your own strategy. Don’t try copy someone else’s - but get ideas from others that trade your style. Don’t deter from your strategy at all. This doesn’t mean it will never change, but changing daily and every trade isn’t a strategy. And evolve your strat slowly over time. We have heard it before and there’s reason why.

    Then here’s probably a shock to most noobs. Indicators are not your friend. Get rid of them. All of them. Learn to draw lines of support and resistance and trend. Learn the charts with nothing but what you draw. Don’t even think about indicators.

    Then - after you can read the charts and predict the movements - add 1 indicator and learn how it works and how to use it. Only 1! And when I say learn how to use it I mean everything on how it works and customise it to suit what your style is.

    And the last point I want to make is this - join a group of traders (not noobs) and find a trader of your style that streams themselves trading live. Watch them. Take notes n how thy interact with the charts, and follow their strat. Then evolve your process from the things you learn from a pro. (Don’t just copy)

    Simple stuff hey!? Like super simple. But how you execute your habits determines how simple or hard your making it for yourself.

    I won’t be apart of babypips much longer but will try answer questions if anyone has any. Babypips is great to start and learn but given the majority of the content I’ve seen since being here I feel it not for traders and more so people who cannot we past the first tip I layed out.

    Anyways happy trading.
  12. DT77

    DT77 Newbie

    I like that first sentence :D
  13. Sarn642

    Sarn642 Trader

    My dear, you really need to stop somewhere after obtaining some portion of good info for yourself. Just do that with ease really. There are tons of info about forex on the web, don't get information overload cause of that. Step by step and that's it.

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