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    FxKool Forex/Binaries Trading

    Good Day Traders! Hope everything is going well in your side. We've decided to post a separate thread that covers the trading services of FxKool including free setups, 7 day trials, fund management and much more. As you may have noticed we've been posting lots of different trading signals and...
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    Binary Options cashback

    I want to tell you about our new site contains a lot of content about trading binary options, comprehensive information on brokers and offers cash rebates for traders .. so just join
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    My bad $1000 binary option experiance with

    Hi About 10 days ago I signed up to for binary option trading. The day after a broker named Michel called and offered me $500 bonus on a deposit of $1000 and you can make $3000 a day easy. I asked him to let me think about this offer. I searched the net to see if this company is...
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    Financial Markets Today - By - April 3th, 2012

    Dear Trader, It is our pleasure to present you with daily analysis and a list of important events in the week to come. *** U.S. Markets U.S Markets were closed with a positive sentiment yesterday, with all major Wall Street indices closing higher. The U.S. PMI (Purchasing...