1. DangLongVN

    Coppy trade

    Latest updated trading strategies 1.Strategy 1: - Account: 1000$ - Profit: 30% - 60% per month - Capital risk: 50% - Minimum investment: 10$ 2.Strategy 2: - Account: 3000$ - Profit: 10% -...
  2. A

    "bot" para perdidas limitadas

    Buenas, mis conocimientos sobre programación para trading son nulos actualmente, me gustaría saber si se puede crear algún sistema que cierre la operación de forma automática al alcanzar una perdida del 1% en la cuenta, concretamente mi idea es operar de forma manual pero sin preocuparme del...
  3. Paul Hayes

    Relative Strength Index (RSI) Indicator for cTrader

    The formula for FX RSI indicator takes two equations that are involved in solving the formula. The first component equation obtains the initial Relative Strength (RS) value, which is the ratio of the average UP closes to the average DOWN closes over 'N' periods represented by the following...
  4. Paul Hayes

    Professional Traders Use the MA Crossover Strategy

    If the professional traders use this moving average strategy then there must be something about it that works, we have automated the system for the cTrader trading platform. FIND OUT MORE AND DOWNLOAD Paul Hayes Sales & Marketing Email: contact (@) Phone: (44) 203 289 6573...
  5. Bidalufias

    10% Monthly Returns EA Setup Service

    Greetings my fellow EarnForex Patrons! I am offering a service to help setup an Expert Advisor that can get you returns of up to 10% a month. The objective of the EA is 'Consistent Daily Profits'. The key characteristics of the EA are: Low Risk Low Drawdown Safe for Beginners Huge Margin to...
  6. Bunker


    I'm sure you've read it and heard it 1000 times. But what if #1001 is finally what you were looking for all this time ? GoldFish strategy Bunker
  7. X

    Automated Forex Trading System

    Hi There, I've completed a automated forex trading system that yields anything between 150-1000% + profits. Basically it can't loose money within 3 day cycles. constantly. Only requires an account with the respective FB demo and live wiht a $1000 startup capital. Should you be...
  8. T


    Forex Over Drive is designed to put More Money in your Pockets! If you're visiting this site, you've probably tried other Forex programs and you've more than likely watched them fail and lost tons of money. You're certainly not alone. We also know what it feels like to be concerned about...
  9. A

    Trade hundreds of profitable automated trading systems for free!

    Tired of wasting money on EAs and forex robots that don't work? How would you like to be able to trade hundreds of profitable automated trading systems for free? I've taken the time to personally trade and evaluate several online services that collect trading systems and signal providers and...