automated forex trading

  1. VinceV69

    Should I automate my strategy?

    Hello everyone i've been trading for a little over 1 year and have been using a very good EMA crossing strategy to take trades (not to derail main topic but I can explain my strategy if you would like). I was wondering if you think it is a good idea to pay someone to make my strategy into an EA...
  2. 4

    Forex Automated MT4 Trade Copier

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  3. 4

    This Dude Made 158 pips in 3 days and he didn't even place one trade- see how he did

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  4. Learnforextradingin30days

    The Biggest Break For Forex Traders- (things might NOT be so bad after all)

    As you probably remember, on January 28 2013 we started offering our MT4 Trade Copier program to the general public. Well… it has turned out to be one of the biggest deals of the year so far! The first thing most traders want to know is… How profitable is the trading system? Well the...
  5. Learnforextradingin30days

    Things are really bad (for a lot of traders) -part two

    [/IMG] I wanted to send you a update on the traders who are using my MT4 Trade Copier program. In the short video I prepared for you, I share a little more about the trading techniques I use and how the trade copier works. It is literally one of the easiest trade copier programs I have...
  6. Learnforextradingin30days

    MT4 Trade Duplicator- Better Than A Robot!

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  7. Learnforextradingin30days

    Number One Forex Trade Duplicator- Live Trades Starts Monday!

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  8. X

    Automated Forex Trading System

    Hi There, I've completed a automated forex trading system that yields anything between 150-1000% + profits. Basically it can't loose money within 3 day cycles. constantly. Only requires an account with the respective FB demo and live wiht a $1000 startup capital. Should you be...
  9. Learnforextradingin30days

    Things are really bad (for a lot of traders) but January 28 that will change...

    Over the past few years I have been following up with the “Forex traders profitability reports” provided by US forex brokers and it has been showing a startling trend. Traders are either losing their money at a faster rate or quitting the business all together and much sooner than before...
  10. upshotsignals

    Automated Forex Trading System: Video with trade tips

    Watch a update video: "Automated Forex Trading Price Update and how to trade the next 24 hours 10-26-11" Trade tips for the EUR/USD and the GBP/USD Click here now to watch video -Irishtrader
  11. upshotsignals

    Automated Forex Trading System

    Forex Automated Trading System Who is this for? Progressive traders who want top, TOP level incomes without ulcers and agony and 50 hour trading weeks. Its for Forex traders who are eager to make substantial profits and take their trading to the ultimate level. There is absolutely no...
  12. A

    Default Does a Forex Demo Account Work The Same As a Live Account?

    I often see it recommended to traders thinking about trading forex that they first "practice" using a forex demo account before trading live. While I do agree that trading with a demo account for a very short period of time is a good idea just to familiarize yourself with the particular platform...
  13. K

    Free Auto Trading Service

    Zulutrade Auto Trading Service Zulutrade is a unique free auto trading service where Best Forex traders worldwide, give you advice for FREE to buy or sell. ZuluTrade converts this advice to a live trade in your broker account automatically, again for FREE! Watch this video review...
  14. R

    Make money with zulutrade signals For those who do not have time to properly track the forex market, knowledge/experience enough or simply want to diversify their investments through other strategies, may be the solution. platform allows users to convert the most...
  15. F

    [FX Forex Robot] That *Quadruples* Your Deposit - A New Technology

    It's official... the boundaries of Forex Artificial Intelligence robot trading has been pushed forward. John Grace and Albert Perrie have produced the unthinkable: a Forex robot that sees into the immediate future (2-4 hours) with 95.82% Accuracy. And if you want to know what that means...