The Biggest Break For Forex Traders- (things might NOT be so bad after all)

Mar 27, 2012
As you probably remember, on January 28 2013 we started offering our MT4 Trade Copier program to the general public.

Well… it has turned out to be one of the biggest deals of the year so far!

The first thing most traders want to know is…
How profitable is the trading system?

Well the same system that we use with the MT4 Trade Copier is the same one that generated over 17,742 pips in 2012.

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This means that you can get the same signals right now executed automatically into your MT4 account and you will never miss another trade.

And the biggest difference with our MT4 trade copier is that it is operated by a 12 year, Forex trading professional. This is not a “black box” EA.

The results so far have been fantastic and with the overwhelming demand for the service I will be increasing the price very soon by adding another 100$ to the price.
I am very sorry to do this but I have to hire new office help to keep up with the demand.
(good help isn’t cheap lol)

Right now, you can sign up at the old/ current rate and at the same time you will automatically lock in the old rate and you will never be charged the new (increased) monthly subscription rate.

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So this means that you will be using one of the most profitable MT4 Trade Copier systems on the market,
You will only pay 197 per month and the rate will never increase on you
(as long as you sign up before I increase the monthly price)

Act now and use this promotional code
and you will also receive an extra month of trade copier service.
(you will get two months for the price of one)

To get the extra FREE month, please send me confirmation of your purchase to this email address and simply type the promotion code
EEr78JJM and when I see the promotional code, I will add the Free month to your account
And lock in the subscription rate for you.

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Thanks again and
good luck trading this week