1. Enivid

    Position Sizer

    Discuss the Position Sizer expert advisor here. This EA lets you calculate optimal position size and execute trades based on these calculations. Based on Position Size Calculator, it allows some additional control over the trades it opens. You can ask any questions about this free MetaTrader...
  2. Enivid

    ATR Trailing Stop EA

    Discuss ATR Trailing Stop expert advisor here. This free EA provides an automated mass trailing stop tool based on the average true range (ATR) indicator. You can ask any questions about this MetaTrader robot here.
  3. C

    Trader Deam Modified V2

    Hi Enivid, could you help convert this MT4 indicator source code to MT5 please? Others will benefit from this too if they want to use it. thank you
  4. SwitchTrader

    ATR Levels Indicator Daily to Weekly Opening

    Hi All, I have this ATR indicator originally compiled by Bill Jones. What I am trying to do is to get it to open at 00:00 Hours every Sunday which is market open for me. As those in the know will see it's opening daily just now. I have managed to get the ATR changed from Daily to Weekly but as...
  5. boa_conflictor

    ATR in Pips 2

    Sometimes i use this indi, but i would like to choose which corner i put it when adding it to the chart. I added : extern int CommentCorner = 3; No compiling errors, but it doesn't work? Can somebody look into this please...
  6. DerekC

    ATR v ADR

    Is there a difference between the Average Trading Range and the Average Daily Range, and if so, what is the difference?
  7. Enivid

    Ichimoku Chikou Cross

    Discuss Ichimoku Chikou Cross expert advisor here. It is a long-term EA based on the standard Ichimoku Kinko Hyo indicator with arbitrary ATR-based position sizing. You can ask any questions about this expert advisor here.