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  • Bonus offers
  • Affiliate program
  • Islamic accounts available
  • Company Saledo Global LLC
  • Founded in 2014
  • Offices in
    • Cyprus
    • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Payment options
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  • Demo platforms
    • MetaTrader 4
  • Account currencies
    • Brazilian real
    • Euro
    • United States dollar
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  • Regulated by
    • The Financial Commission, 22.02.2016
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  • Support methods
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  • Trading server time zone GMT
  • Trailing stop
  • Pending orders
  • One-click trading
  • Mobile trading
  • Automated trading
  • Minimum account size $2
  • Minimum position size 0.01 lot
  • Spread type Variable
  • Typical spread on EUR/USD, pips 1.5
  • Minimum spread on EUR/USD, pips 1.1
  • Scalping Allowed
  • Trading instruments
    • Forex1:500
    • Options1:50
    • ETF1:50
    • Cryptocurrencies1:10
  • Trading platforms
    • MetaTrader 4
  • Digits after dot 5
  • Margin call level 100%
  • Stop-out level 100%
  • Number of currency pairs 28
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Olymp Trade Reviews

69 reviews of Olymp Trade are presented here. All reviews represent only their author's opinion, which is not necessarily based on the real facts.

, Malaysia.

This one is quite an active and dynamic broker in comparison to other ones on the market. They are more colorful and provide vigorous trading environment where action does not stop during the trading sessions.

, Malaysia.

I consider this broker solely as a very useful supplement to my classical Forex trading with other brokers. So, it’s a part of my ambitious strategy, but one of the most crucial elements of it. I have nearly finished testing it. Of course, I’m talking about fixed-time trading on small timeframes. I can say that my expectations are mostly met.

, Indonesia.

the broker is comparatively good. there is a good combination of modern trading instruments and responsible approach to trading sphere. customer support works perfectly.

, Brazil.

I’m currently working on my fixed-time trading strategy. Before I tried this broker, I neglected FTT. Now I realize that it has a big potential. Besides this, I like that I can close FTT trades before expiration.

, Vietnam.

As a young person who is in his mid 20's and in the beginning of a hopefully succesful trading career, I might have stumbled upon the optimal place for me to develop myself and my abilities as a trader at Olymp Trade. This comes down to a number of reasons that all are interconnected somehow with me and the platform.

A. This is no ordinary platform, it looks and feels dynamic, energetic, and young.

B. The trading cost is relatively low so you can trade more.

C. The statuses. Bolstering your progress feels like a game to me in a good way.

Because of these and many more reasons, I can't stop trading here.

, UAE.

I am sure everyone noticed the possibilites you get with the concept of FTT. You can build up an entire portfolio around this trading type here. Everything else this broker offers also works properly.

, India.

I cannot seem to bring myself to dislike this broker because it does everything right. Well, not EVERYTHING, but you get my point. The broker does make it difficult sometimes to locate some buttons, but it requires practice to get used to it. It is hardly a fault because most things need practice. The broker has many good qualities, so I cannot judge the broker's services too harshly. But my honest verdict is that olymp outperforms most brokers.

, Zambia.

So good broker offers proprietary software as a trading platform. Rare thing these days.

, Indonesia.

Olymp trade is the broker that you don’t expect much but it is surprisingly good.

Initially I was drawn by the possibility to invest in stocks without depositing thousands of dollars.

Eventually the broker not only provides the shares trading that I was looking for. Also there are other trading modes that are arguably even more enticing.

So with olymp trade you get one of the most important things - freedom of choice.

The cool thing is that all those trading modes are completely different from each other. Which makes them even more valuable.

Anyways if you’re rooting for diversity then it’s an obvious choice.

, Singapore.

This broker, namely, FTT is very interesting to me. I want to create an effective trading system built around a flock of fixed-time trades with different expiration period but working synchronically.

, Brazil.

I have been trading the free demo account and don’t feel any urgency in trading. I am always relaxed and unserious because I know it’s not real money. But now, I opened an account with 10 dollars, and I am more serious about trading and analysis. And because I am more serious, I make more profits even while learning. A low minimum deposit is a good idea.

, Malaysia.

no delays in withdrawals and highly appreciate such a feature. I hate delays and bear no excuses.

if there are delays, then it's a bad mark for me.

anyway, OlympTrade maintains its services on high level and it's a fact.

, India.

Olymp possesses all, or nearly all, of the characteristics of a top-tier broker. It will be tough to argue differently. And not just because of the awards.

I decided to give Olymp a shot for the first time because it came highly recommended for its Fixed Time Trading. Opening an Olymp account takes around five minutes. I was initially hesitant and looking for an excuse to quit, but then the account opening process was done before I could second-guess it. So I delved in deeper.

Furthermore, brokers with a 10 USD minimum deposit are uncommon. After verifying and trading my demo account with ample training to turn a newbie into a pro, being able to deposit and trade with merely $10 blew my mind.

Please do not misinterpret my words; I am not claiming that Olymp is the best broker around, but he deserves every accolade he has and more.

, Indonesia.

The very idea of fixed-time trading intrigues me a lot, but as of now I have no idea how to use it correctly. I don’t want to turn this into never-ending guesswork, but I want to create a solid system and I’m working on it.

, Thailand.

I began to trade with Olymp Trade couple months ago. Conditions are fine and range of trading products is significant. Now trying to master the branded platfrom which is good, but kind of unfamiliar.

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