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Swing Trading for Beginners

The forex market operates 24 hours a day. So, you can trade when it is convenient for you and choose a trading session. You can be a scalper getting in and out of trades too frequently for small profits if you are risk averse. But if you want to make bigger profits and do not want to trade too often, then you should choose swing trading. Swing trading […]

What Is Swing Trading? — For Beginners

You can trade the forex market according to your trading style. You can choose scalping and go in and out of the trades quickly. You can also try day trading and enter and hold a position for the entire day. However, if you are looking for greater profits, and is willing to hold a trade for a few weeks or even a month, then you should try swing trading. Swing trading is focused more on fundamental […]

Does News Trading Work for Both Day Trading and Swing Trading?

The fundamental analysis can be used for both short-term and long-term trading. In the end, it is the market expectation that matters for news trading. The market expectation about economic release, geopolitical events, etc. In the short-term, the fundamentals are called as market sentiment. In the medium-term and long-term, it is called as macroeconomic picture. Assume that the fundamental bias for a currency is bearish Now, the market is surprised by geopolitical events that go against […]

The Three Simple Swing Trading Indicators Which You Need

In this video, you will learn about the three indicators that you need for swing trading. Swing trading is a trading style in which trades are entered and held open for a few weeks or even a few months. You do not have to baby sit your open positions. You aim to capture large price movements for maximizing profits. The first indicator you need is the moving average. You can […]

Day Trading Versus Swing Trading?

A common question asked by new comers in forex is about the difference between day trading and swing trading. Let us have a look at them. Day trading involves opening and closing trading positions on the same day. Positions are not held overnight. However, swing traders do not follow this rule. They enter into a trade and hold it for few days or weeks. With day trading, the traders make […]

Swing Trading Tactics — Lagging Indicators and Price Action

Roger Scott in this video teaches you about Swing Trading Tactics that work in the real world. When I was visiting one of my favourite forums yesterday there was a heated discussion about technical indicators that work on paper and technical indicators that work in real world. When I do basic analysis I typically rely on two different indicators. I use a general indicator that will show me if markets […]

How to Start Swing Trading

This video gives Swing trading tips for beginners. 1. Always use a simple strategy when you are starting out. Complex strategies can be too overwhelming and confusing for beginners. 2. Always use Stoploss orders. This is the biggest reason why traders lose. Don't make the same mistake. 3. Trade both directions. The best opportunity comes from trading both sides of the market. 4. Keep […]

Top Ten Swing Trading Rules to Follow

1. You must have a trading plan. You need to have a basic roadmap that has all important parts like entry level, stoploss level, profit target level and trading plan. 2. Trading is a Business. Know how to calculate your expectancy which tells what your risk is for every dollar you trade. 3. You need proper tools You ultimately save much more […]

Is Swing Trading For A Living Possible

There are several factors that need to be examined to determine if swing trading for a living is possible. Many traders read books and publication and think swing trading for a living is an easy process. One of the most important and practical factor that you need to examine is your current financial position. Trading is very difficult psychologically and adding more pressure could lead to losses. The next important factor […]

Forex Swing Trading

This video looks at two Forex Swing trading setup using Inside bar, Stochastics indicator in the USD/JPY and GBP/JPY charts. This video explains making a short entry with this setup by observing divergence between two swing highs of price and Stochastics indicator, MACD indicator and Inside bar.