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US Dollar Rallies Higher Against Peers on Positive Non-Farm Payrolls

The US dollar today rallied higher against its main peers such as the euro, the British pound and the Japanese yen as the non-farm payrolls report beat expectations. The US dollar rallied higher against its peers today building on the momentum established yesterday after the release of positive ADP national employment report.

US Dollar Weakens Against Some of Its Main Peers on Soft US Data

The US dollar as tracked by the US Dollar index weakened against its main peers today after the release of weak US macro data. The greenback ignored the poor non-farm payrolls released on Friday by starting the week on an upward trend before retracing some of its gains after the release of disappointing US ISM services data.

Canadian Dollar Rallies Against US Dollar on Poor NFP Data

The Canadian dollar today rallied against its US counterpart triggered by the disappointing US non-farm payroll data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The positive Canadian labor productivity data and the trade deficit figures released by Statistics Canada boosted the Loonie against the greenback.

EUR/USD Rallies to New Highs on Disappointing NFP Report

The EUR/USD currency pair today rallied to new highs during the American session after the release of disappointing non-farm payroll data by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The pair’s rally was also influenced by other labor market reports such as the change in manufacturing payrolls, and the weak average hourly earnings.

US Dollar Rallies Slightly Higher, but Still Under Increased Selling Pressure

The US dollar today rallied higher during the North American session despite the increased selling pressure on the currency, according to the latest CFTC report. The selling pressure on the greenback stems from last week when the currency did not post any improvements, despite the positive nonfarm payrolls. The greenback’s performance, as tracked by the US Dollar Index, was lacklustre during the European session but improved drastically during the American session as the Index hit […]

Euro Rallies Higher Against the US Dollar as NFP Effects Fade

The EUR/USD rallied higher today as the effects of the positive non-farm payrolls subsided during the North American session. The euro briefly declined against the US dollar due to the positive non-farm payroll data, but later rallied higher as the NFP effects faded.

US Dollar Posts Mixed Results on Positive Non-Farm Payrolls Data

The US dollar today displayed mixed reactions to the positive non-farm payrolls as it weakened against some of its peers while rallying against others. Immediately after the release of the non-farm payrolls by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the US dollar strengthened against the Japanese yen, but demonstrated weakness against the euro.

US Dollar Climbs Against Japanese Yen on Higher Appetite for Risk

The US dollar rose against the Japanese yen on Tuesday to touch its highest level since March 21. The greenback became stronger against the yen as traders’ appetite for risk grew ahead of a Federal Reserve’s meeting that will decide the latest monetary policy move from the central bank.

First Week of May Should Be Important for US Dollar

The first week of May should be fairly important in determining the US dollar’s performance in the near future due to the policy meeting of the Federal Reserve and plenty of major economic reports, including nonfarm payrolls.

US Dollar Ends Week Strong as Markets Ignore NFP

US nonfarm payrolls should have been the major event this week, but in reality it turned out to be kind of a non-event as markets almost ignored the report, allowing the US dollar to end the week rather strong.