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US Dollar Ends Week Strong as Markets Ignore NFP

US nonfarm payrolls should have been the major event this week, but in reality it turned out to be kind of a non-event as markets almost ignored the report, allowing the US dollar to end the week rather strong.

EUR/USD Declines to Close the Week Much Lower Despite Poor NFP Data

The EUR/USD currency pair declined significantly as the euro weakened against the US dollar despite lower-than-expected US non-farm payroll report. The positive German trade balance figures did little to boost the weak euro as the currency pair tested new lows for the month and was on track to close below its opening price this week.

US Dollar Unfazed by Abysmal Nonfarm Payrolls

US nonfarm payrolls released today were extremely disappointing with meager employment growth. The dollar tumbled immediately after the report, as one could expect, but the losses were very short-lived, surprisingly enough. Currently, the greenback trades rather strong.

EUR/USD Rally Reverses as Political Uncertainty in the Eurozone Intensifies

The EUR/USD currency pair hit a bump in its rally from Friday last week as the US dollar demonstrated weakness after the release of the non-farm payroll report. The upcoming Dutch general election scheduled for Wednesday has heightened the political risk in the Eurozone as Geert Wilders, a far-right politician, is likely to win.

ECB Hawkishness Makes Euro Strongest Major Currency

Markets did not expect anything particularly important from this week’s European Central Bank meeting, but it turned out to be perhaps the most important event during the week, making the euro the strongest major currency. Meanwhile, the highly anticipated US nonfarm payrolls turned out to be almost non-event, having negligible impact on markets.

US Dollar Disappoints Despite Strong Non-Farm Payroll Report

The US dollar’s performance was quite disappointing after the release of the non-farm payroll data by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which exceeded expectations. Contrary to market expectations of a rally by the US dollar, the currency rallied briefly before retracing most of its gains, indicating that the markets had already priced-in the positive NFP.

US Dollar Bounces as Traders Continue to Anticipate Fed Hike

The US dollar rose on Monday as expectations of March interest rate hike from the Federal Reserve allowed the currency to bounce after Friday’s profit-taking sell-off.

US Dollar Rebounds as Hiring from Private Sector Exceeds Expectations

The US dollar strengthened on Wednesday, after touching its lowest level in two months on Tuesday, as employment from the private sector in the United States improved.

US Dollar Jitters as US Elections Come Closer

The US dollar ended the week rather soft as the upcoming US presidential elections overshadowed all other events. And as the outcome of the vote became more uncertain, traders were reluctant to hold the US currency.

Dollar Bounces After Dropping on NFP

The US dollar recovered from earlier losses that followed disappointing non-farm payrolls. The bounce was a result of persisting speculations about the possibility of an interest rate hike this year.