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Euro Rallies Against US Dollar Amid Falling US Bond Yields, Later Declines

The euro today rallied higher against the weaker US dollar boosted by bearish investor sentiment towards the world’s reserve currency. The EUR/USD currency pair rallied higher as markets reacted to falling US Treasury yields amid doubts about the trade ceasefire between the US and China.

Pound Declines Ahead of Important Brexit Vote

The Great Britain pound declined against other most-traded currencies today as Brexit worries outweighed positive macroeconomic data released during the European trading session.

Positive Market Sentiment Does Not Prevent Rally of Swiss Franc

The Swiss franc gained today even though the market sentiment was favorable to riskier currencies, not the safer ones. Domestic macroeconomic data was positive but did not seem to play a part in the currency’s rally.

Japanese Yen Gains on Majors Despite Positive Market Sentiment

While the Japanese yen was soft against commodity currencies today, it managed to gain on many other most-traded peers. That was surprising considering the risk-on market sentiment, which made safe currencies less attractive to traders.

Euro Rallies on Risk-On Sentiment, Later Declines as Markets Cool Off

The euro today rallied higher against the US dollar during the Asian session mainly due to the risk-on sentiment following the US-China trade truce. The euro later declined in the early European session as market sentiment became neutral and the EUR/USD currency pair moved into negative territory.

Aussie Emerges as Strongest on Forex Market, Ignores Domestic Data

The Australian dollar opened sharply higher on Monday thanks to the news about a ceasefire in the trade war between the United States and China. The news overshadowed Australia’s domestic macroeconomic reports, basically all of which were poor.

NZ Dollar Surges on News About US-China Trade War Truce

The New Zealand dollar surged along with other commodity currencies today on the news about a temporary truce in the trade war between the United States and China. The kiwi was unable to beat its Australian counterpart, which emerged as the strongest on the Forex market.

Australian Dollar Weaker After China’s Disappointing Data

The Australian dollar fell today. While domestic macroeconomic data was decent, reports in China, Australia’s biggest trading partner, were disappointing.

USD/CAD Pair Drops Briefly on Upbeat Canadian Data, Quickly Recovers

The USD/CAD currency pair today briefly plunged lower after the release of positive Canadian inflation data, before quickly reversing higher. The currency pair managed to sustain its upward trend, which was in place from the start of today’s session, largely due to the depressed global oil prices.

Euro Posts Massive Drop on Disappointing German PMI Data

The euro today dropped significantly against the US dollar following the release of disappointing German PMI data by IHS Markit in the early European session. The single currency had traded in a slight upward trend during the Asian session boosted by positive market sentiment and a weak US dollar before plunging lower.