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NZ Dollar Defies Negative Fundamentals, Bouncing After Decline

The New Zealand dollar rallied today after falling earlier. Surprisingly, the rally started after the release of disappointing macroeconomic reports in China — New Zealand’s biggest trading partner. Domestic macroeconomic data, which was not that great as well, had smaller impact on the currency. Yet it was also puzzling, driving the kiwi slightly higher, not lower.

British Pound Declines on Weak UK Data as Brexit Jitters Persist

The British pound today dropped to new daily lows in the early European session following the release of weak UK manufacturing and GDP data at that time. The Sterling was further weighed down by the uncertainty surrounding the Brexit issue with only 46 days left before Brexit day.

Canadian Dollar Rallies on Rising Oil Prices, Mixed US NFP

The Canadian dollar rose against its US counterpart today due to the mixed US nonfarm payrolls. The loonie gained on other most-traded rivals as well, most likely thanks to the strong rally of crude oil prices. Domestic macroeconomic data did not help the currency, being rather underwhelming.

Euro Range Bound on Mixed Eurozone PMIs, Rallies on Upbeat CPI Data

The euro today traded in a tight range against the US dollar during the Asian session as market risk sentiment subsided on weak Chinese Caixin manufacturing PMI data. The EUR/USD currency pair remained range bound as several PMI prints from across the eurozone were released by IHS Markit before rallying higher on upbeat eurozone inflation data.

Britain’s Sterling Falls Following Decline of Manufacturing Index

The Great Britain pound traded widely lower today after the UK manufacturing index touched the lowest level in three months.

Swiss Franc Trades Higher Despite Underwhelming Domestic Data

The Swiss franc traded higher against most of its major peers today despite underwhelming domestic macroeconomic data. The likely reason for that was the fact that most of economic reports released in other countries were not particularly good as well.

Yen Trades Lower After Manufacturing Index Hits 29-Month Low

The Japanese yen was soft today after the manufacturing index hit the lowest level in almost two-and-half years.

AUD Slides as China’s Caixin Manufacturing PMI Misses Expectations

The Australian dollar fell against its major peers today after the disappointing manufacturing report from China, Australia’s biggest trading partner. Macroeconomic data in Australia itself was decent, but that did not help the currency.

Australian Dollar Rallies on Back of China’s Improving Data

The Australian dollar gained against most of its major rivals today thanks to the better-than-expected macroeconomic reports released in China, Australia’s biggest trading partner. Data in Australia itself was somewhat mixed, but none of the reports released today was outright negative.

Australian Dollar Gains After Falling on Thursday

The Australian dollar rose today, gaining on most major currencies, with the exception of the euro. While no macroeconomic data was released in Australia today, several reports came out yesterday, including the extremely positive employment report.