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US Dollar Falters Backed by Poor Wage Growth Against Positive Job Growth for January

The US dollar weakened against its main competitors after the release of the ADP non-farm payroll report for January, which reported that job growth for the month of January had exceeded expectations. The greenback was also affected by lower-than-expected figures reported for growth in average hourly earnings.

US Dollar Edges Lower as Uncertainty Towards Trump Looms

The US dollar moved lower against major rivals on Thursday, pushing an index that tracks the currency’s strength to its lowest level since November 2016. The greenback weakened as the Federal Reserve’s dovish tone in its latest policy statement signaled that no interest rate hike would happen in March.

US Dollar Rebounds as Hiring from Private Sector Exceeds Expectations

The US dollar strengthened on Wednesday, after touching its lowest level in two months on Tuesday, as employment from the private sector in the United States improved.

Euro Soars After Comments from Trump Trade Advisor

The euro gained today on its major counterparts today, soaring 1% against the US dollar, after comments from Peter Navarro, head of US President’s new National Trade Council.

USD/JPY Set to Record Its First Monthly Decline Since September

The USD/JPY currency pair is positioned to record its first monthly decline since September 2016 if the US dollar does not recover by the end of today. The US dollar is on a major downslide following controversial policies implemented by President Donald Trump barely ten days after he assumed office.

US Dollar Drops as Trump’s Ban Raises Demand for Safety

The US dollar declined against the Japanese yen and failed to rise against other major peers on Monday. Traders had no appetite for risk following a decision from US President Donald Trump to ban travel from a number of countries, which caused protests and raised fears of his protectionist approach.

Euro Declines After Release of German CPI Data, but Later Recovers

The euro traded lower against its major competitors today after CPI data from Germany was released at a lower than expected figures. The euro’s performance was also affected by the weakening of other currencies such as the US dollar and the British pound, which minimized its decline, but the currency later recovered.

Economic Data Leads US Dollar During Friday’s Trading

The US dollar bounced after the intraday decline, trimming its losses versus the euro and gaining on the Great Britain pound and the Japanese yen. Friday’s economic data played at least some part in the currency’s moves.

Euro Drops as Dollar Rallies

The euro dropped against other major currencies (with the exception of the Japanese yen) today as the US dollar staged a recovery.

EUR/USD Weakens as the US Dollar Rallies Despite Negative Home Sales Data

The EUR/USD currency pair traded lower today as the US dollar rose despite the release of lower than expected home sales figures by the US Census Bureau that witnessed a 10.4% monthly drop. The euro’s downslide was also accelerated by the release of the flash Markit US services PMI figures, which indicated that expansion in the US service sector was at its fastest rate since November 2015.