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Swiss Franc Mixed on Bearish Sentiment, Loose Monetary Policy

The Swiss franc is mixed midweek as the latest survey of investors suggested a bearish sentiment. But the poll of investors might change in the coming weeks as the central bank pledged a looser monetary policy, suggesting that it will continue to stimulate the economy and financial markets. Could this help the country counter the demand for the safe-haven currency in a time of global turmoil?

AUD Gains on JPY, Drops vs. USD & EUR

The Australian dollar rose against the Japanese yen today as Japan showed willingness to continue pushing its currency down. At the same time, the Aussie fell against the US dollar and the euro on concerns that the Australian central bank will cut interest rates.

Swiss Franc Drops on Speculations About Negative Interest Rates

The Swiss franc dropped against the US dollar today and slumped versus the euro for the fifth consecutive trading session on speculations that Switzerland’s central bank may implement negative interest rates.

AUD Higher Today After Yesterday’s Decline

The Australian dollar pared its yesterday’s decline, but the outlook for the currency is still rather pessimistic. The Australian currency extended its yesterday’s fall against the euro.

Australian Dollar Drops on Interest Rates Outlook

The Australian dollar fell today on the speculation the revised method of the inflation calculation will cause the central bank to refrain from raising the interest rates.

Swedish Krona Falls as Manufacturing Declines

The Swedish krona fell as the report showed that manufacturing in Sweden contracted last month, reinforcing outlook that the nation’s central bank would cut interest rates.

Aussies Goes Down as Europe Hurts Risk Appetite

The Australian dollar weakened today as concerns about the European debt crisis curbed attractiveness of riskier assets and drove investors to seek safety.

AUD Fall with Stocks & Commodities on Concerns for Global Growth

The Australian dollar fell today, heading for the second weekly loss against the US dollar and the Japanese yen, as stocks and commodities declined on concerns that problems in the US and Europe will have negative impact on the global growth.

Euro Push Even Higher as Traders Look for ECB Rates Hike

The euro jumped today for the fourth day, reaching the highest level in three weeks against the US dollar, on the speculation that positive changes in Greece’s situation will allow the European Central Bank to raise the interest rates next week.

New Zealand Dollar Surges to Record on Business Confidence

The New Zealand dollar jumped today against its US counterpart to the all-time high as business confidence improved to the highest level in almost a year, boosting outlook for interest rates.