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Australian Dollar Rises on China’s Data

The Australian rose today with the help of relatively decent economic reports from China.

Australian Dollar Sinks Over 1% After RBA Makes Surprise Cut

The Australian dollar sank today, falling more than 1% against its major peers, after the Reserve Bank of Australia shocked the market, slashing its benchmark cash rate. Poor economic data from China weakened the currency further.

Australian Dollar Backs Off After Failed Rally

The Australian dollar attempted to rally with the help of Chinese economic data released today. The currency failed to maintain its rally and currently trades near the opening level against some currencies (like the US dollar) and below the opening against others (like the Japanese yen).

AUD Retreats vs. USD, Keeps Gains vs. EUR

The Australian dollar gained today due to the positive trade balance report from China. As of now, the currency has lost its gains versus the US dollar but continued to rally against the euro.

Australian Dollar Starts Week with Gains

The Australian dollar rose today even though domestic macroeconomic data was somewhat disappointing. As for important economic reports outside of Australia, China’s data was mildly supportive to the currency.

Australian Dollar Benefits from China’s Data

The Australian dollar traded above the opening level today after the release of positive macroeconomic data from China. As of now, the currency has trimmed its gains but remains above the opening.

China Sets Higher Midpoint for Yuan Against Dollar

China has set a higher midpoint for the yuan in its peg to the US dollar today. Greenback has strengthened slightly against the yuan since the change, but this still marks an effort for a stronger yuan as the greenback heads a little lower.

Australian Dollar Recovers from Initial Losses

This week’s trading started with risk aversion that has dragged commodity currencies down. Yet the Australian dollar recovered after initial losses following the rally of Chinese stocks.

Australian Dollar Trades Lower

The Australian dollar traded lower against the US dollar and the Japanese yen today after risk aversion hit the market following the release of mixed macroeconomic data from China over the weekend.

Australian Dollar Weathers Impact of Negative Fundamentals

The Australian dollar rose today, withstanding negative impact of poor economic data released both from Australia and overseas. The currency reached the highest level since December versus the euro and the highest since July against the US dollar.