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AUD Opens Sharply Lower, Recovers

The Australian dollar opened sharply lower today from the Friday’s close as China slashed its growth outlook. As of now, the currency recovered a bit and is trading close to or above the Friday’s closing level.

Yen Retreats, Finds Little Help from China’s Poor Manufacturing Data

The Japanese yen fell today, retreating from the highest level in almost three years against the euro, even though poor manufacturing data from China, both official and private, was detrimental to investors’ risk appetite.

Employment Data Pushes Aussie Lower, Decline Limited

The Australian dollar dropped today on the basis of the disappointing employment report. The currency bounced, though, trimming its losses with the help of crude oil rally and news from China.

Australian Dollar Gains Strength as Traders’ Mood Improves

The Australian dollar rose on Monday, climbing more than 1 percent against the Japanese yen, as the positive mood of the Forex market participants helped riskier currencies tied to commodities and growth to gain strength.

Euro Pulls Back on Profit Taking and Consolidation

Euro has been enjoying quite the rally in recent days, due mostly to dollar weakness and policy misses. However, the 19-nation currency is pulling back a bit right now as Forex traders consolidate their positions and take profits.

Chinese Yuan a Bit Stronger During Friday’s Trading

The Chinese yuan strengthened against the US dollar today as China’s central bank allowed the currency to appreciate, though gains were rather limited.

Aussie Down Intraday, Attempts to Recover

The Australian dollar dipped intraday due to disappointing manufacturing data from China but has managed to recover as of now, at least against the US dollar and the Japanese yen.

US Dollar Index Heads Lower on Fed Speculation

US dollar is struggling today, with the dollar index down as Forex traders wonder if the Federal Reserve will dial back its plans for interest rate hikes. With the global economy showing volatility, and concerns about what’s next weighing, there is some speculation that the Fed will be reluctant to keep raising rates.

Yuan Stable Despite Another Crash of Chinese Stocks

For some time now, Chinese authorities were trying to stabilize the yuan that has been under heavy selling recently. By the looks of it, they had some success as the currency was relatively stable today despite yet another crash of the nation’s stock market.

Draghi Statement Sends Euro Lower Against Majors

It’s been an interesting week in the financial markets, and now the ECB is adding its bit. The latest statement from Mario Draghi is sending the euro lower against its major counterparts as Forex traders get ready for more easing.