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China’s Amazing Trade Data Boosts Australian Dollar

The Australian dollar rose against its rivals today thanks to the surprisingly good trade report released from China, Australia’s biggest trading partner. Economic data from Australia itself was not so good, but it did not affect the currency enough to drive it down.

Monetary Tightening Spurs Appreciation of Chinese Yuan

The Chinese yuan gained on the US dollar today after China’s central bank tightened its monetary policy. The monetary tightening overshadowed the slowdown of growth of the manufacturing sector.

New Zealand Dollar Falls, Ignoring Good CPI

The New Zealand dollar fell today despite faster-than-expected growth of consumer prices. The probable explanation for the lackluster performance was slow growth of Chinese industrial profits.

Australian Dollar Falls, China’s Data Fails to Support

The Australian dollar fell against its most traded peers today even though relatively decent economic data released from China should have been supportive for Australia’s currency.

Australian Dollar Fails to Rally vs. US Dollar

The Australian dollar attempted to rally versus its US counterpart during the Tuesday’s session but has failed and is trading below the opening level as of now. The Aussie also dropped against other most-traded currencies.

Australian Dollar Stages Bounce After China’s Data

The Australian dollar rallied today after diving intraday. The currency managed to stage a bounce after China’s economic data surprised economists pleasantly.

Australian Dollar Mixed After Australian & Chinese Data

The Australian dollar rose against such currencies as the US dollar and the Japanese yen during Monday’s trading but fell against the very strong euro and traded flat versus the Swiss franc.

New Zealand Dollar Fails to Rally Despite Data from China

The New Zealand dollar slipped against most major currencies today (though not against the US dollar) as relatively positive data released from China failed to bolster the currency of its trading partner.

Australian Dollar Weak, Hurt by Soft Data from Australia & Abroad

The Australian dollar was soft today as economic data both domestic and from abroad was not particularly good. This added to the weakness caused by the uncertainty regarding the outcome of the US presidential elections.

Australian Dollar Struggles to Keep Rally After China’s Data

The Australian dollar rallied after China released a bunch of macroeconomic reports, though the currency struggled to keep gains and actually slipped below the opening level against the Japanese yen.