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US Dollar Rises on Good Friday As Economy Creates 916k New Jobs in March

The US dollar strengthened during the Good Friday trading session, driven by a better-than-expected jobs report. The US economy saw the largest number of new jobs in seven months and blowing past payroll expectations, sending Treasury yields higher. When US markets reopen on Monday, how will investors react to the stellar numbers?

USD/CAD Rises amid Higher Initial Jobless Claims, Falling Bond Yields

The US dollar was mixed against its major currency rivals on Thursday following a disappointing initial jobless claims report. After a decent performance so far this week, the greenback is taking a breather to kick off a new month and quarter. With the US government planning to spend trillions of dollars in infrastructure over the next eight years, can the buck maintain its upward trajectory?

Canadian Dollar Renews 2021 Rally Against US Peer?

The Canadian dollar could be renewing its 2021 rally against its US peer in the middle of the trading week, buoyed by better-than-expected economic data from earlier this year. The loonie also found additional support on rising crude oil prices and optimism for future economic prospects. Can the Canadian dollar break below 1.25 next month?

USD/JPY Rises As BoJ Signals Tightening to Enable Price Stability

The Japanese yen is extending its 2021 weakness on Tuesday as lackluster economic data weighed on the conventional safe-haven asset. The yen has been struggling this year, with investors struggling to maintain confidence in the country’s economic recovery and concerns over the nation’s increasing number of COVID-19 cases. Where is the yen heading?

US Dollar Finds Safe-Haven Support As Consumer Spending, Personal Income Plunge

The US dollar is finding support for its safe-haven appeal amid disappointing economic data and modest gains in the financial markets. The US Dollar Index (DXY), which measures the greenback against a basket of currencies, is looking to add to its weekly gain, defying last year’s bearish market consensus by rallying more than 3% year-to-date. With uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic and the US central bank, can the buck sustain its […]

US Dollar Index Lifted by Bullish Jobless Claims, Powell’s Pullback Comments

The US dollar is recording gains on Thursday following a better-than-expected initial jobless claims report. As the broader financial markets continue their lackluster performance, investors have been pouring into the conventional safe-haven asset to shield their capital from the losses. The buck has maintained its stellar 2021 performance amid economic uncertainty.

USD/TRY Tests 7.99 As Lira Selloff Continues

The Turkish lira is still sliding against its US peer on Tuesday, but the currency’s plunge has cooled down after Turkey’s central bank chief was axed after only four months on the job. Following the initial shock, investors — at home and abroad — are weighing the situation and deciding what is next. The continuing fallout suggests that foreign capital is fleeing Ankara.

US Dollar Rises on Higher Treasury Yields, Jobless Claims

The US dollar bounced back from Wednesday’s loss, rallying on concerns in the broader financial markets and economy following the latest initial jobless claims. The greenback also jumped on the bump in Treasury yields, with investors anticipating higher inflation. Can the buck claw back from its recent weakness?

USD/CAD Tests 1.25 As Falling Crude Prices, Fed Meeting Weigh on Loonie

The Canadian dollar is modestly sliding against its US peer in the middle of the trading week, ostensibly hitting the pause button as one of the world’s top-performing currencies. The loonie is paring its gains mostly on falling energy prices, as well as investors seeking shelter in conventional safe-haven assets, like the US dollar and the Swiss franc. But what about domestic data?

US Dollar Flat As Investors Wait for Federal Reserve Guidance

The US dollar is trading relatively flat against many of its major currency rivals. Economic data and the looming Federal Reserve meeting were in focus for investors, with Treasury yields taking a breather. The broader financial markets were quiet, too, as traders take a wait-and-see approach ahead of the two-day policy meeting.