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The Indian rupee is the official currency of the Republic of India. It replaced all the currencies of the previously autonomous states following independence in 1947.

Indian Rupee News Archive

Indian Rupee Falls as Importers Step in to Buy Dollars

The Indian rupee fell today as local importers were buying dollars for their needs, while Indian shares demonstrated lackluster performance, suggesting that investors are not particularly interested in the nation’s assets.

Indian Rupee Gains as Exporters Repatriate Earnings

The Indian rupee demonstrated biggest advanced in more than a week today, following yesterday’s massive slump, as India’s exporters were selling dollars to convert their earnings into the local currency.

Indian Rupee Bounces as Rally of Oil Prices Falters

The Indian rupee gained today as falling prices for crude oil eased fears about potential increase of the nation’s trade balance deficit. The currency was heading for a first weekly gain in a month.

Rupee & Rupiah Continue to Fall on Conflict in Iraq

Asian currencies declined today as the conflict in Iraq kept driving prices for crude oil higher, endangering economies of emerging markets. The Indian rupee and the Indonesian rupiah led the decline.

Indian Rupee Suffers from High Crude Oil Prices

The Indian rupee fell today on speculations that rising prices for crude oil will lead to widening of the country’s trade balance deficit. Such prospects hurt the appeal of the nation’s assets.

Indian Rupee Falls, Still Looks Attractive

The India rupee fell today, and analysts say that the most likely reason for the drop is that local importers were buying dollars. The currency dropped even as economic data from the country was rather positive.

Hopes for Reforms from New Government Boost Indian Rupee

The optimism about the election results in India continued to support the rupee, making the currency rally today. The currency has risen 2 percent over the week, demonstrating the biggest advance since September.

Indian Rupee Strong Ahead of Exit Polls

The Indian rupee advanced today on speculations that the elections will result in a victory of the main opposition party, which may initiate much needed reforms to bolster the struggling nation’s economy.

Indian Rupee Rises as Elections Come Closer

The Indian rupee advanced today amid speculations that the upcoming elections will bring positive changes that will revive the nation’s economy and make it more attractive for investors.

India Rupee Fluctuates amid Conflicting Forces

The India rupee fluctuated today as the positive outlook for the US economy was helping riskier currencies, but bad news from China and Ukraine made Forex traders averse to risk.