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Thai Baht Maintains Gains, Can It Keep Rallying?

February 11, 2014 at 13:48 by Vladimir Vyun

A fan of 1,000-baht billsThe Thai baht rose today together with other risky currencies, but remains in a vulnerable position due to the unresolved political crisis in the country that erodes the appeal of the currency and endangers the nation’s economy.

The baht demonstrated strength last week and continue to rally this week. The political problems, which caused the earlier slump, did not go away though and Thailand’s economical, and political environment is in disarray as the country is waiting for the official election results. Meanwhile, the opposition turned to farmers to find support in battling the current government.

USD/THB went up from 32.8050 to 32.7500 as of 13:48 GMT today, rebounding from the daily low of 32.7150.

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