How Much Capital to Start Trading Forex?

Because we are not all equal at this point. It is clear that having a large portfolio is significant support for a trader: increased confidence and greater security. Some have much, others have little. Here are the possible strategies according to the size of your trading account:


In other words: NOTHING! You do not have a budget trading, you're not alone...

  • Free forex contests can be a solution to build up a nest egg to start.
  • Some brokers offer unlimited demo accounts. You can refine it at their leisure while waiting to acquire a bankroll.


It is usually the minimum amount of deposits. The size of the order authorized the smallest lot being 0.1, you must take risks consequent forced to place orders. If you are a winning trader, your account will grow rapidly.

  • Scalping, very risky but very profitable, is perfectly suited to these small accounts.
  • A conservative swing trading is a good start for patient traders.


Much of the speculators have such a sum in their trading account. It is possible to make good profits without taking excessive risks.

  • The daytrading and swing trading are favored by traders in this category.
  • Automatic trading with Expert Advisor gets really interesting.


You will be pampered by your broker! Trading is likely to make a big source of income.

  • Bet on the long term is feasible.
  • All trading strategies are open to you!

by John David