1. IFC Markets

    Technical Analysis &XAGMXN : 2019-05-14

    Getting ready for the bank of Mexico meeting In this review, we suggest to consider the Silver vs. MXN personal composite instrument (PCI). It reflects the price dynamics of silver against the Mexican peso. Will the XAGMXN quotations grow? Such dynamics means the rise in silver prices and the...
  2. IFC Markets

    Technical Analysis XAGEUR : 2019-02-25

    The demand for investment silver declined last year Sales of silver investment coins and bars in the world decreased in 2018 by 4% compared with 2017. Will the XAGEUR fall? Such a movement indicates the cheapening of silver in euros. The GFMS agency published a report on the world demand for...
  3. Enivid


    Any silver bugs here? I'd like to hear some good reason to invest in silver at the current price levels. Actually, I am very pessimistic about precious metals, but what I see is that silver resists very well against bears, so maybe it's a good time to buy some XAG, isn't it?