1. B

    Fibonacci Pivots

    Hello , This is my first post and i like to share my indicator and if you combin it with vwap get best result the pivot it bast en multiple system classique HLC , HLCO, HLO, and new system pivot base en Kijun and vwap chose numbre 0-4 please test it and Any comments or suggestions are welcome
  2. J

    Need Notification Alert in VWAP Indicator

    Hi to All I need push notification option in my vwap indicator when price touch vwap line ithere side above or below vwap line can any one do this? Thanks in advance Jitu Ashara
  3. Trader Dale

    Volume Profile - Daily Analysis

    How to do an Intraday VWAP Analysis In my recent VWAP webinar, I showed two trading setups you can use with the VWAP indicator. One setup which you can use when there is a rotation and the other setup Today, I would like to show you how you can apply those setups in your trading. I will...
  4. Quantower

    Trading with Power Trades tool on ES and NQ futures

    The main goal of this thread is to show what Power Trades is and how it works in different markets. We will show some patterns on the ES and NQ futures, as well as discuss possible improvements to this functionality. What is Power Trades? Ok, first we will consider what the Power Trades is and...
  5. L

    Algorithmic Trading Strategies

    Hello I was reading about this in investitopia: https://www.investopedia.com/articles/active-trading/101014/basics-algorithmic-trading-concepts-and-examples.asp I don't understand a thing, maybe because I am not native ebglish, would you please explain to me what does this mean? I have...
  6. S

    VWAP Bands for MT4

    Can somebody please make bands for this indicator ? It's VWAP (volume weight average price). So it'll become VWAP Bands. Please put standard deviation 1.0, 2.0 & 2.5 for it. So It'll look like Bollinger Bands. But I think it'll be better than Bollinger Bands. Thanks in advance. I don't know...