1. FEW


    Today in the main session forex trading the USD was strong on all pairs in this currency group. This drove strong price movements during the main trading session. Images of the live forex trading signals from The Forex Heatmap® and price chart movement for these pairs is shown below. The EUR/USD...
  2. Ervin Samue


    USD/CAD has posted little gains for a second progressive day. At present, the combine is exchanging at 1.3125, up 0.11% on the day.
  3. HotForexsignal


    USD/CAD hangs heavy 3-month lows, just out cold 1.3100 handle The USD builds on Fridays postscript-data rebound and seemed to extend some withhold. Bullish oil prices continue to underpin Loonie and capped the attempted recovery. The USD/CAD pair struggled to register any meaningful...
  4. Lud Trader

    Technical FOREX analyses by IVT US DOLLAR & Major pairs

    I am a professional trader at Interactiv Trading (IVT). We trade CFDs on the FOREX, indices & commodities market. We aim to create a community where we teach our members how to trade, and then allow everyone to share their experience. We provide educational webinars & Live Trading sessions and...
  5. Lud Trader

    $USDCAD View H4 – In a correction channel

    Lately, our predictions on the USD/CAD was bullish while prices were contained inside the bullish channel (black lines). I am wondering about the nature of this channel. Candlestick show a lot of overlapping which suggest that ^this is not an impulse but a retracement phase. A breakout to the...
  6. Lud Trader

    USDCAD looking for a buying opportunity

    Monthly : The USD/CAD has bounced off long-term oblique trend. Then, we got a high momentum candlestick and we are expecting the market to reach 1.3014. Daily : the market has bounced off this oblique trend line, and we are still looking for buying oppportunity H4 : We finally broke above the...
  7. Trader Dale

    Trader Dale - intraday signals from profi trader

    I am a professional trader with lots of experience. I decided to share it here for free. Every day I provide you with intraday and swing levels that I am going to trade myself. You will see that you can be profitable trader too! Intraday levels - profit target 10 pips, stop loss 12 pips. Don't...
  8. FEW

    Current CAD Trading Plans

    USD/CAD – Strong downtrend in place. Set a price alarm at 1.0815. Next support area is approximately 1.0650. EUR/CAD – Strong downtrend in place. Set a price alarm at 1.4730. Next support area is approximately 1.4500 – 1.4600. GBP/CAD – Strong downtrend is forming. Set price alarm at...
  9. FEW

    Current USD Trading Plans

    USD/JPY – set a buy alarm on this pair at 102.15, is should cycle back up on the H4 time frame to the 104.00 area. AUD/USD – this pair is in a strong uptrend but the smaller time frames are choppy, we would consider a buy signal on this pair in the main session, it has very good upside...
  10. CashBackForex

    Can the Canadian Dollar Again Trade at a Premium to the USD?

    Once again the Canadian Dollar is firming versus the USD, challenging parity with the greenback. Looking at the chart (below) there is a distinct channel starting from June 4th when the USD made a high of 1.0445 versus the loonie. From initiation of the channel we have a succession of C$...
  11. Enivid

    Spike Trader

    Discuss Spike Trader expert advisor here. Spike Trader uses a simple after-spike trading strategy for a daily USD/CAD. You can ask any questions about this expert advisor here.
  12. FEW

    Current USD Trading Plans

    USD is strong tonight and trending on several pairs. USD/CAD – strong uptrend set buy alarm at 1.0380, target unknown. NZD/USD - strong downtrend set sell alarm at 0.7675 (estimate) first target is 0.7300 AUD/USD – strong downtrend, set sell alarm at 0.9675 (estimate), a lot of room to...
  13. FEW

    Current USD Trading Plans

    Look for USD weakness after the news tomorrow. USD/JPY – trends are mostly down and could strengthen, set sell alarm at 76.30, little or no support below there USD/CAD – set sell alarm at 0.9770, room to drop below there and D1 down trend could form AUD/USD – the D1 time frame is...
  14. FEW

    Current CAD Trading Plans

    EUR/CAD – D1 uptrend in place set buy alarm at 1.3820, no nearby resistance GBP/CAD – D1 uptrend in place set buy alarm at 1.5835, potential back to about 1.6050 USD/CAD – intermediate D1 uptrend in place but be careful on buy entries due to some choppiness and nearby resistance layers...