1. I

    non-repaint forex indicator giveaway (85% accuracy)

    I'd like to share some indicators with you. I personally don't like any indicator which repaints or lags. it's a scam definitely. Below is the best indicator I have ever seen, I have been testing thousands of indicators pls believe me... Pls use it as a entry or exist signal. The signals come...
  2. Wenz63

    Price Action is King: Recommended Price Action Material

    Recommended Price action Material, Check out Free Download Links Below https://bit.ly/31rcTJQ https://bit.ly/3o9GYaP https://bit.ly/35hZV2n https://bit.ly/3dL2bDh
  3. DrinkForex

    Where will the USD head after the 2020 US Presidential Election?

    Have you thought about where the markets might head post Covid? What about after the 2020 US Presidential election this coming November? Traders Summit has put together a whose who of the Financial community to debate that specific topic. World renowned gold expert, Peter Schiff, will be...