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  1. F

    Weather and your trading

    Don't get caught without a plan. Weather and your trading. Thoughts from a 20 year trading professional. free blog
  2. xProphet

    Critique My Trading Plan

    Do you think this trading plan is achievable, overly ambitious.. or see any problems with my plan in general? (Who better then a room full of traders to critique a trading plan?) I think I've covered all my bases.. I genuinely appreciate any comments. I'm intentionally placing my plan...
  3. FXTrader29

    Forex Trading Plan-How To Turn $250 Into $1 Million in 12 Months!

    Trading is a game of patience and discipline. If you are not a patient person or if you are not disciplined, you might as well forget becoming a successful trader. Now if you are serious about becoming a forex trader, then you need to make a trading plan. This trading plan is like a blueprint or...
  4. 4

    30 minute time frame trading strategy puts pips in your pocket

    The components of this thirty minute chart scalping strategy can be applied to almost any time frame. If you use it on another time frame please make adjustments for stop loss levels and profit targets. This trading strategy takes place approximately 2 to 4 times in a 24 hour period between...
  5. 4

    Goal Setting and Trading- (this could be one of the keys to your success)

    Looking back on the starting point of my trading career, I realize how fortunate I was without even knowing it at the time. I can say this because I have also had the privilege to help other traders work through the difficult times of their trading careers giving me a look into the other...