1. Fried_Rice

    Greeting All

    Good day, I am James, a Swiss born forex, crypto and stocks trader based in Melbourne, Australia I have been in the markets for just over 3 years now and loving it. New to this forum and come to share knowledge and ideas. Good luck to my fellows.
  2. Mark NordFX

    New Year's Eve Surprise Gift from NordFX

    December is the month of summing up the results of the year. But before doing so, NordFX decides to give its clients a New Year's surprise gift by expanding the range of trading instruments and introducing a new Stocks account designed for CFD trading with the shares of the world's largest...
  3. F

    Alpha Zone Ltd – The only Financial Trading Floor in Manchester (Hiring)

    Alpha Zone Ltd – The only Financial Trading Floor in Manchester (Hiring) Come join us now if you are interested in trading with like-minded traders! Tired of working alone? If you are interested to work on the best trading floor in Manchester, then we are offering you the opportunity to...
  4. fbsrecruter

    Looking for traders

    Hello, I need about 10-20 persons to be my partners. I will share my ea and statistics on real account, tested about 6months with stable profits and maximal drawdown 10%, if you are interested mail to You only need my ea and create account in reliable broker i use...
  5. FXTrader29

    Probability And Statistics For Traders Course

    There are many courses on probability and statistics. But there is no course that teaches how you can apply probability and statistics in your trading. We have created this Probability and Statistics For Traders Course in which we show you how to use this powerful tool in your trading. This is a...
  6. maximusc

    Cross Border Foreign Exchange Intermarket Analysis

    Most of the retail traders are prone to only trade with chart and technical analysis as well as frequently change their strategy setup during trading. This have caused irrelevant to one of the trading vital code of conduct that is "Plan Your Trade and Trade Your Plan". As such, majority of...
  7. T

    Titanium-IC company is looking for talented traders

    Titanium Investment Company is looking for talented traders. Hello Dear Traders! You are a novice trader Forex currency market, but already versed in many of the subtleties of this sphere and economic factors can change the quotation price movements? Or already fully formed in this way a...
  8. T

    Компания Titanium-IC ищет талантливых трейдеров

    Компания Titanium Investment Company ищет талантливых трейдеров. Здравствуйте уважаемые трейдеры! Вы начинающий трейдер валютного рынка Forex, но уже разбирающийся во многих тонкостях этой сферы и экономических факторах способных изменять котировки движения цен? Или уже полностью...
  9. T

    Looking For Investors for Long-term or Short-term cooperation on favorable conditions

    I am looking for investors for the long-term or short-term cooperation on favorable conditions. Investors will get 80% of the profit. You can withdraw all your invested money or just profit at any time. Return to Date-46.80% Return to date by month: November 2013-15.36% December 2013-16%...
  10. P

    Are you a trader? SmartTradeFX is recruiting

    If you are an experienced trader with a good track record be in touch with us to see if you can qualify to be a trader for our managed accounts.
  11. B

    Binary Options cashback

    I want to tell you about our new site contains a lot of content about trading binary options, comprehensive information on brokers and offers cash rebates for traders .. so just join
  12. CashBackForex

    Speculators Increase USD Long Positions - COT Data 26 June 2012 Report Reveals

    The latest COT Report shows that large and small specs that combined positions in the latest period had an increase in the USD long position from 284.4K in the previous week to 312.5K. The biggest open position remains in the euro where the specs are now short 198.5K euro contracts (long the...
  13. G

    Get Paid 4 Trading

    innovativeFD, based in the UK, offer managed currency accounts and a number of open ended funds to mainly UK investors. We have a multi-manager approach to trading our client funds so we are always looking to add experienced traders to our panel to ensure diversification of risk. Through a joint...