1. R

    ♒Signals to Profit Everyday♒ From RealTrade

    Hi, my name is Emil, and I am new financial consultant and analyst in RealTrade Company. I have experience of profit trading on Forex and CFD markets. I want to share my knowledge with you and help earn to beginners.
  2. P

    Inertia Trader

    Inertia Trader is a commercial EA available at which I have been running since its launch in November. My results with FXChoice have been identical to theirs, albeit my starting balance was much smaller: The...
  3. Trader Dale

    Trader Dale - intraday signals from profi trader

    I am a professional trader with lots of experience. I decided to share it here for free. Every day I provide you with intraday and swing levels that I am going to trade myself. You will see that you can be profitable trader too! Intraday levels - profit target 10 pips, stop loss 12 pips. Don't...
  4. Sweet Diane

    How Important to Have a Broker?

    Hi. I am just curious on some of the information with regards on trading, in which I am very surprised to hear some investors who don't have brokers. For a long time I have been with a broker, but sometimes I would like to not have one afterall. Sometimes, it really works good for me. Would...
  5. I

    Presentación - Nuevo usuario

    Hola soy nuevo en el foro!
  6. tobeone

    NewsGrabber Platinum Elite - MYFXBOOK LIVE MONITORING

    NewsGrabber Platinum Elite is a fully automatic news trading robot which is based on the most precise and powerful news trading algorithm today (from my experience of using several popular news trading EAs on live accounts and results I’ve got). After putting different news trading software on...
  7. tobeone

    News Trading [REAL MONEY]

    I'm a mql4 programmer and trading system developer and I think I can make some money for you! If you're interested in trading news you may heard of THG Straddle Trader Diamond and Straddle Trader Pro, I've used both of those and over time I came to conclusion to write my own because I often...
  8. tobeone

    Profitable Forex Robot

    It's for news trading, very similar to THG Straddle Trader Diamond and Straddle Trader Pro 2, they maybe make good returns but subscription price is a lot for me. I found a similar stuff on forums. Included in attachment.
  9. tobeone

    1 Simple Way YOU Can Profit

    Dear Friends! Congratulations and many thanks for Taking a time and visiting this post! I work in a brokerage Company currently as a Head Trader and Manager, I'm a successfull Forex Trader, expert advisor programmer on MQL4 and Java (Dukascopy), a web designer having experience in Facebook...
  10. B

    Free NO DEPOSIT 150€ / 200$ Live ECN Trading Account - Limited Action & Challenge

    Hello Traders, i will introduce you a amazing offer. If you are a good trader - this is the best for you. If you are a bad, emotional & losing trader at the moment - this is also the best for you ! Forget all the DEMO Competitions - nobody human can win this really. Do you know anybody...
  11. tobeone

    Absolutely free News Straddle signals [45-100+% monthly]

    Good day, Dear Friends! I'm a professional Forex trader and programmer, Besso Turmanauli. I Straddle Trade News last 4 months already with colossal success using my own outstanding trading system and package containing a robot, script and a standalone program. You can see a lot of live...
  12. L

    Forex Jobs

    Hi, If you are looking for jobs in Forex, I recommend this website: They have great offers in trading, sales, programming, research, etc.. Enjoy! Larry
  13. Enivid

    Spike Trader

    Discuss Spike Trader expert advisor here. Spike Trader uses a simple after-spike trading strategy for a daily USD/CAD. You can ask any questions about this expert advisor here.
  14. M

    Managed Forex, Alternative Investments, Futures, Private Placement Blog

    Hello Everybody, Have you ever heard of alternative investments like forex, futures, private placement or others? If not, then you are in for a treat! If so, visit our Blog for free education on the top alternative investment markets. Unlike any other investment blog, we uncover the truths of...