1. Enivid

    New Calculator Available in Forex Tools Section

    We have launched a new calculator to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Blog. Percentage Gain and Loss Calculator (credits for the idea go to @Maverick.) You can read the blog post about this new tool here...
  2. F

    FREE MT4 Trading-Tools by ForexInnovation

    SPECIAL OFFER ForexInnovation offers now FREE MT4 Trading-Tools for new IB-Clients . Simply open an account with one of our partner broker and receive all 4 Trading-Tools free of charge: - Breakout-Trader - Visual Trade Manager - One-Click-Trader - Moving-Average Crossover Please find our...
  3. Enivid

    Discuss Forex Report Analysis Tool

    Discuss Forex Report Analysis Tool here. You can ask questions, make suggestions and report bugs.