take profit

  1. nika9414

    forex analysis , and stop loss with take profit

    hey , thanks for your interest just to be clear this is not the ' i will be a millionare in a week in forex' bulllshit because lets be honest its impossible .. anyway here is the link check it out and see if you are interested http://bit.ly/2u0hc0W Best of luck :)
  2. Aaron Priest

    Script to update stop loss based on % of take profit

    Howdy! I'm looking for an EA or script that I can add to a chart with an active trade that will update the stop loss based on percent of take profit. For example, when it hits 25% of take profit, move the stop loss to 12.5%, when it hits 50% TP, move the SL to 25%, and so on. I have been...
  3. EnrichWave

    Set Take Profit without elimination of some orders

    Dear fellow traders. I use the following Script to set Take Profit at current Bid Price (My broker having Stops level floating point at 0 point) of Buy order. But If I have 10-15 open trades and I drag the Script. It is missing to set TP for couple of orders. Any one can modify this? (If the...