1. M

    I need help please

    Hi, i am posting here as I really need your help. im a total newbie to FOREX. And as it often happens I made a few wrong decisions. I have a few opened positions and I don’t know what to do. i do not intend to get your magic rule on how to make money as I know I would most likely have to pay...
  2. IFC Markets

    Technical Analysis #C-LCATTLE : 2018-11-06

    Volumes of the cattle slaughter have increased in the US The U.S. Department of Agriculture reported an increase in the number of the cattle slaughter. Will LCATTLE prices fall? According to the USDA, in a week, which ended on November 2, 589 thousand head of cattle were slaughtered in the US...
  3. johnsmithgt55

    I am newbie and can anyone tel me how to find support and resistance ??

    Hello everyone, i am new to fx trading and i trade with demo account and i gain 20-30 pips per trade but i want to make more reliable pips because i put 5 trades minimum perday in gbp/usd,gbp/jpy,usd/cad,eur/usd,usd/jpy but gbp pair always i lost. so anyone give me how to trade safely and what...
  4. Enivid


    Discuss TradeBreakOut indicator (a simple maximum/minimum breakout detector) in this thread. You can ask any questions about this indicator here.
  5. E

    (Best Free Signals)

    check this site, Free signals for all registered members and also daily analysis for Gold Traders, and Strategy.
  6. Enivid

    Support and Resistance Forex Strategy

    Discuss Support and Resistance Forex Strategy here. Support and Resistance trading strategy is one of the basic systems that can be used successfully in any markets and conditions. You can ask any questions about this strategy here.
  7. J

    Looking for support in trading?

    I work for a FOREX trading company in Tokyo. If you've had trouble trading on the FOREX market on your own please contact me, I'd be happy to help you get the support you need to be successful. Check out my company's website and contact me if you're interested. My...