stop loss

  1. nika9414

    forex analysis , and stop loss with take profit

    hey , thanks for your interest just to be clear this is not the ' i will be a millionare in a week in forex' bulllshit because lets be honest its impossible .. anyway here is the link check it out and see if you are interested Best of luck :)
  2. Aaron Priest

    Script to update stop loss based on % of take profit

    Howdy! I'm looking for an EA or script that I can add to a chart with an active trade that will update the stop loss based on percent of take profit. For example, when it hits 25% of take profit, move the stop loss to 12.5%, when it hits 50% TP, move the SL to 25%, and so on. I have been...
  3. IFC Markets

    Technical Analysis &XAGMXN : 2019-05-14

    Getting ready for the bank of Mexico meeting In this review, we suggest to consider the Silver vs. MXN personal composite instrument (PCI). It reflects the price dynamics of silver against the Mexican peso. Will the XAGMXN quotations grow? Such dynamics means the rise in silver prices and the...
  4. IFC Markets

    Technical Analysis AU200 : 2018-11-09

    Improving data bullish for AU200 September trade surplus rose in Australia and the producer price index rose more than expected in third quarter. Will the AU200 recovery continue? The Reserve Bank of Australia left the interest rate at 1.5% and revised up a little its forecasts for economic...
  5. R

    Hedging strategy for EU Referendum trade?

    I have been reading a little about hedging strategies. One that seems to have received some criticism is the “buy/sell” strategy of going short on the same pair you are going long on (or vice versa). I realise you would be paying double on the spread if you do this, but might it work as a...