1. S

    Scheduling binary option trades on MT4

    I'm considering using MT4 for binary option trades and I'd appreciate your comments for the following questions. 1. Is it possible to schedule a trade (e.g. open a position at a given future date and time)? 2. If so, is there a way to link trades depending on results (e.g. open a position at a...
  2. Enivid

    Timed Order

    Discuss the Timed Order expert advisor here. This free MT4/MT5/cTrader EA provides a way to schedule a pending or market order to be sent to the trading server at a specific time. You can ask any questions about this MetaTrader/cTrader robot here.
  3. Enivid

    AutoTrading Scheduler

    Discuss AutoTrading Scheduler expert advisor here. This EA lets you control the status of the AutoTrading button in the platform, effectively giving you control over how other expert advisors in the platform operate based on time. You can ask any questions about this MetaTrader tool here.