1. hayseed

    zup pattern scanner

    this will be about a scanner for patterns found by eugeni neumoin's zup indicators...... specifically version, 93..... the zup_93 below is nen's original code for the 93...... it will not compile in current compilers..... you must use something like a build 509 compiler...... the zup 1, is...
  2. RokFx

    Uncle Lee´s Pip Hunter

    Hello traders! Have a sneak peak of the features here or look at the full feature set our indicator bundle has to offer: ULPH features - 1.0.5 If you decide to join us, you won't get just a copy of our software, but also at least 3 support channels (support ticketing via website, contact...
  3. H

    Forex Scanners

    Hello, I am interested in scanners for currency trading MT4 platform. If anybody could assist would be greatly appreciated! I saw a person using this scanners on youtube channel of warrior trading, and the person was using them quit well. As i understand the scanners are telling him following...