1. M


    I've been hunting for range bars or renko mt4 indicators that will replace candlesticks, free indicators Can anyone help?
  2. Poshtrader

    Poshtrader Trading Tools for NinjaTrader Platform

    Renko for NinjaTrader 8 (FREE TOOL) This Renko enables various Renko types to be created and is essentially the only Renko bars that you will ever need. The user has full control over the brick size, trend, and reversal open offsets. These settings will allow you to create all of the...
  3. Dalya

    Renko Full Throttle PRO Indicator MT4

    Renko Full Throttle PRO Indicator MT4 A Powerful Solution That Analyze The Renko And The Standard Charts And Filters Out The Noise Or The Narrow Range Moves And Gives Entry And Exit Signals. A statistics panel is included to show the net points gained from these signals taking into...
  4. I

    I need alert for this indicator

    hi Enivid can an alert be inserted in this indicator? on color change thanks in advance
  5. I

    Renko Online Chart

    Good afternoon! I Have an EA based on Renko that can simulate operations normally on backtest. When I place It to real trading, it doesn’t work! It does not open any operations. I even already tested MetaTrader4 demo EAs and they did not worked also. Someone can help me? I need a plugin or...
  6. Maverick

    My own challenge to Myself

    To start an account with £20.00 GBP and be drawing £2,000.00 a day - before Saturday July 2nd 2016 starting Monday May 2nd 2016. Hopefully this is the push I needed :) .
  7. Maverick


    An introduction Install and use You are not limited to OVO . . . there are plenty of FREE options available on the web . . . but he talks a good talk :) .
  8. Maverick


    bbsqueeze A variation on the one I am curently using - BBSqueeze Dark Indicator Step 1: See the zero line. It consists of either Red dot or Green dot. If it is Green dot, it’s time to take action. Now, action (buy or sell) has been defined in step 2 below. If it’s Red dot, do nothing and...
  9. Bunker


    I'm sure you've read it and heard it 1000 times. But what if #1001 is finally what you were looking for all this time ? GoldFish strategy Bunker