1. FXTrader29

    Particle Filter For Traders Course

    Particle Filter is a Simulation Monte Carlo Method that is popular with Quants on Wall Street. Today with the increased computational power available on laptops and desktops, it is very easy to build a particle filter. In this Particle Filter For Traders course we show you in simple and easy...
  2. FXTrader29

    Bayesian Statistics For Traders Course

    Bayesian Statistics is being increasingly used by hedge funds in their algorithmic trading systems. Bayesian Statistics gives us the tools to start with a prior belief and then use the data to improve on that belief. For example, we can use Bayesian Statistics to predict the high and low of the...
  3. FXTrader29

    8 Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Algos Traders Should Know

    Artificial intelligence is increasing being used in trading and investing. Many hedge funds now employ quants whose job it is to develop artificial intelligence trading system. Machine learning is the backbone of artificial intelligence. Read this post in which we explain 8 Artificial...