position size

  1. J

    Need Help with mql4 Lot size calculation function please

    Hello, I'm using this function in my EA to calculate the lot size position according to account balance percentage but the problem is that the calculation is not accurate specially in JPY pairs, For example if the loss must be 50 usd according to account balance percentage risk most of the...
  2. jlcontra

    Insufficient Funds

    Hello Everyone Very new to finance, around 2 weeks. All on demo accounts. I deposited 49.99 this morning. Today I was going to go live. Was ready when the market opened. Stop loss 30 under / Take Profit 102 over. Volume 0.01 For 10 minutes I tried to get an order in each time I would bring in...
  3. R

    how to set take profit area in martigale system

    is there a formula to calculate the take profit area if I use a martingale system where the distance between open is not always the same and the lot size is also different
  4. Maverick

    Bet Size Calculator

    I am not suggesting there is anything wrong with your calculations when using your indicator with "Lots" and I realize you do not want to individually tailor the indicator for me personally BUT surely I cannot be the only trader who wants to use this on a Spreadbetting account. For whatever...